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Netizens bash LE SSERAFIM over live Easy encore stage on M! Countdown: ‘The group lacks vocally'

Mar 01, 2024 06:00 PM IST

Netizens were disappointed to see an underwhelming display of LE SSERAFIM's live vocals during their latest encore stage performance after the M! Countdown win.

Things are not so ‘easy’ for the fourth-generation girl group LE SSERAFIM, now struggling to make it through poor live vocals allegations. On February 29, 2024, the musical quintet secured their significant music show win on Mnet's M! Countdown against TWICE for their latest leading single, Easy. Following their triumph against the hitmaking third-generation K-pop girl group, LE SSERAFIM members dove into their encore performance.

LE SSERAFIM was spotted during their Easy encore stage after their music show on Mnet's M Countdown on February 29. (YouTube)
LE SSERAFIM was spotted during their Easy encore stage after their music show on Mnet's M Countdown on February 29. (YouTube)

These displays make for an indispensable segment of K-pop music shows, demonstrating the idols' live singing abilities. The newest title track from their third mini album bears a relatively different musical tone than their previous signature hits. However, many fans have recognised the difficulties the track's overall lower register attaches to its live performance. But the LE SSERAFIM encore stage has broadly sought sharp criticism as netizens couldn't bear to sit through the underwhelming presentation.

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Nate Pann, a popular South Korean internet forum, first became the discussion pad for this issue. As soon as a post titled, ‘Have you guys watched LE SSERAFIM’s encore stage?' drew K-netizens' attention, a heavy discourse followed. This thought-provoking conversation was carried forward to other social media platforms as well. Now, even international fans have immersed themselves in speculating about the baffling connections with this performance.

Reactions to LE SSERAFIM's Easy Encore Stage on M Countdown

A multitude of harsh comments arose from within the group's fanbase as their admirers expressed concern for their upcoming Coachella debut in April. LE SSERAFIM debuted under the Source Music banner, which was eventually clubbed under the HYBE Labels roster.

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The latest development has caused many fans to question the entertainment agency at large and if it's investing enough into holding vocal lessons for the artists. Some fans particularly pointed out the company was vastly interested in expanding its reach in the West, leaving no room for the basic necessities to flourish on their radar.

On the contrary, some fans couldn't brush away the idea of the group members looking extremely down and nervous.

Even though the group drew flak for their live performance on the music show, some fans rose to members' support. “I think Kazuha and Chaewon did well," responded a fan. Another one noted, "Kazuha's voice suits this song the best."

YouTube comments:

  • “It's their job as singers to be able to sing well. I know they're very talented in dance and performance which makes this whole thing worse because if they can't sing, it just drives them into a corner to be given lashings … hybe do not care for a vocal coach for them it seems … has it not occurred to them that they cannot always rely on lip syncing???"
  • “Not a fan or a hater but im just curious how is it gonna be at coachella. hoping that the confidence will be boosted.”
  • “This isn't an issue of lazy idols, it's an issue of live singing being optional, we need to destroy lipsyncing. vocal lessons cost a lot and take a LOT of time, there's currently no incentive for companies to invest in them since idols can just lip-sync through their entire promotions and only have to sing for 1-2 minutes during encores every now and then.”

Reddit comments:

  • "I think most comments are logical but I also find it hugely hypocritical for Fearnots to defend LSF with "they weren't known for singing anyways, they are more of performance idols" like what bu**sh** is this, isn't the basic criteria of kpop idols to be.... singing (and performing)?"
  • “I have just watched it and they sound like me and my friends on a drunk karaoke night”
  • “The group lacks vocally. Their last encore made a lot of people realize that. The criticism(and some hate as well) they received must have reached them and now they're uncomfortable when it comes to encores. / Easy also isn't a hard song to sing so them being shaky when they should be holding a simple note is not a good look. Yeah Sakura is the worst vocally but everyone else were only marginally better. / And I don't think Hybe will ever give them vocal lessons so future encores will also be a mess.”

X (formerly Twitter) reactions:

  • “I don't get why people are angry at people criticizing Lesserafims encore like they have ONE job and that's singing obv people are gonna be pissed at them, they have been editing their performance and this is the only stage where they can't pull those stunts.”

Regardless of which side you belong to, this debate has once again initiated a much-needed conversation around the heated live singing vs lip-syncing rhetoric. Fans have noticed the members' underconfident display. And it could be argued that the artists' fatigue after a long day in front of the camera played a huge role in derailing their active contributions. However, multiple allegations of the same nature drive one to the corner to consider all sides of the story. 

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