Om Puri in mess as wife, ex fight

Om Puri has landed himself in yet another family trouble. His ex-wife Seema Kapoor and wife Nandita Puri have reportedly filed complaints against each other.

entertainment Updated: Jun 21, 2011 12:40 IST

What happens when your wife catches you at your ex-wife's place? Om Puri is probably the best person to answer this. When Puri's wife Nandita Puri found him at his ex-wife Seema Kapoor's residence, a high voltage drama took place and cops were called to solve the 'family matter.'

Om Puri has landed himself in yet another family trouble with Seema Kapoor and Nandita Puri. Both have reportedly filed complaints against each other.

PuriAs soon as Nandita learnt about Puri's whereabouts, she rushed to Seema's residence with her two friends and abused the duo.

"On Thursday night, Om Puri had been visiting his ex-wife Seema. Not wanting to get back to his obviously unhappy marriage, the actor stayed the night at Seema's Oshiwara residence. On Friday morning, his wife landed up at Seema's residence with two women in tow. Nandita was immediately stopped by the watchman. That's when the mayhem broke out. Nandita hurled abuses at Seema. After that, Seema filed a complaint against Nandita," a source told Mumbai Mirror.

Quite obviously, this behaviour didn't go down too well with Seema and she filed a police complaint against Nandita. She reacted by lodging a complaint against Seema!

Seema confirmed the news, "Yes, I have filed a complaint. I only know how to fight in a civilised manner. I can't fight the way she does."

Nandita, too, verified the reports, "I have also filed a NC against Seema. My husband was at her house for the entire night. My son was crying the whole night. He was missing his father. When I went to Seema's building, I was stopped at the gate. In fact, one of her friends tried to record all that was happening. I knew what my husband was up to when he did not come home the entire night."

Now that the complaints have been filed by both the ladies in Mr Puri’s life, we wonder where he’s going to stay now.

First Published: Jun 20, 2011 15:18 IST