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Rani's gossip session with Vaibhavi

The two were yakking like there was no tomorrow and bursting into loud guffaws every minute.

entertainment Updated: Dec 19, 2008 19:05 IST
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Silence please

Hi da hi my strawberry cupcakes. It’s another tedious Tuesday and there’s nothing I want to do more than just chill at home with my billi boo Laraboo curled up besides me on my Persian carpet. Vyjjy is away negotiating another multi-million dollar deal and no, before you ask, I’m not missing his ear nibbles. But there’s someone my jasoos from Juhu buzzing me on my kaliberry, begging me to lend her my ears. Wish I could just give her the royal ignore but well, there’s you folks to think about. So here goes.

Rapchik Rajni wants to report a rare sighting. A couple of days ago, she spotted Rani Mukherji at Aurus enjoying a night out after a long long time. Accompanying her was choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant. No, the Merchant of Mumbai for once wasn’t teaching Rani any new dance moves.

Rather, the two were yakking like there was no tomorrow and bursting into loud guffaws every minute. Thankfully, there weren’t too many people around to be disturbed, except for my becahri Rajni. Perils of the job, my gal!

The gossip session lasted till Hrithik Roshan sauntered in, accompanied by biwi Susanne and Priyanka Chopra. The Roshan couple I can understand, but what was Piggy Chops doing playing kabab mein haddi? Maybe beau Harman Baweja was too busy working that night.. for a change.

On Mukherji and Merchant’s invitation, the Roshans and PC joined them at their table. And uske baad, our Rani grew silent. Main chup rahoongi and all that. All of Duggu boy’s prodding to initiate another gossip session fell on deaf ears as she and her dancer friend could only be drawn out on the general state of affairs in the city. Really now.

Makes me wonder what they were laughing about earlier. Hope it wasn’t Hrithik’s Akbarnama or PC’s fashion fundas, huh.

Adding up
Oh oh.. finally Asin will get her due share of promotion for her debut Hindi movie, Ghajini. Looks like her confrontation with her dictator co-star Aamir Khan worked.. and how!

She has been roped in for a new Tata Sky commercial which has been planned as a tie-up up with the publicity drive for their movie which is steadily accelerating everyday.

Although the commercial has still to go on air, one person who isn’t exactly pleased with these developments is Gul Panag who features as Khan’s better half in the ad presently.

You know the one about him trying to help wifey around the house so he can watch his World Cup finale. Bechari Gul! But that’s what happens when your pati is not sirf yours. Boo boo!

Wanna partner?
Now here’s Madhu my Mottu Maid and for a change she wants to gab about Akshay Kumar. What happened to her chhota motta types? Anyway, according to Mots, Akki spares no effort to maintain his image of being Mr Reliable Star. Now that’s a debatable issue which I shall discuss at length later.

According to Mots, Kishore Lulla of Eros was initially producing the Priyadarshan-directed Dhan Dhana Dhan, in association with Ratan Jain of Venus.. and had even paid a cool couple of crores to get the
project started.

But after a few of his recent movies tanked at the box-office, Lullaji had second thoughts of going ahead with this movie dhana dhan, and was even contemplating putting it on the shelf. Till Akshay intervened and reasoned with the head honcho of Eros that such a move would tarnish his reputation.

He assured Lullaji of his share in the profits and has entered into a co-production deal with Jain. Now that’s a smart move, what say?

The good knight
Oooh, I do so adore Shah Rukh Khan. Unlike so many of his starry colleagues, SRK is a true blue pro. Recently, he pulled a muscle during the shooting of Dulha Mil Gaya but continued despite the pain, till pack-up was announced.

And the next day too, he was flying off to Malaysia where he had been conferred the Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka.

My research assistant Dimwit Mirza says it is equivalent to the British Knighthood. Wah wah.. kya baat hai. A knight in shining armour, is our SRK!

Billing blues
Now, I’ve heard of stars demanding higher billing in the credits, but yeh kya? Seems Shahid Kapur has asked good friend and producer Ahmed Khan to promote him as a ‘Special Appearance’ in Paathshaala.

But hello, wasn’t Shahid the leading actor of this movie? Mottu insists that he was when the film started.. but after he had a dekko, he changed of mind. And so the change in the credits.

First Published: Dec 09, 2008 19:33 IST