Anupamaa written update June 8: Barkha gets anxious after Anuj transfers his property and business rights to Anupamaa

Published on Jun 08, 2022 08:53 PM IST
  • Anupamaa written update June 8: As Barkha gets to know that Anuj transferred his property and business rights to Anupamaa, she gets anxious. 
A still from Anupamaa.
A still from Anupamaa.

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Barkha’s tensions will increase further as she finds out that Anuj has already transferred all his property and business rights to Anupamaa. Earlier, it was already revealed why Barkha and Ankush wanted to settle in India. (Also Read | Anupamaa written update June 7: Truth behind Barkha and Ankush's return to India comes out)

Anupamaa meets Barkha’s daughter

We have already met two new characters entering the lives of Anupamaa’s kids in the previous episodes. Adhik, who flirts with Pakhi at the Youth Fest and Sara, who develops a friendship with Samar. In the episode, we will finally find out that Adhik and Sara are actually Barkha’s

younger brother and daughter respectively. How will this new twist affect Anupamaa’s life? As Anupamaa meets Sara, they immediately develop a bond. On this joyous occasion of reunion, Barkha proposes a grand reception party for Anuj and Anupamaa. Anuj graciously declines the offer as Anupamaa is supposed to go back to the Shahs for her pagphera ritual.

Barkha feels dismissed but Anupamaa comforts her. Sara and Ankush also take Anupamaa’s side on tradition and rituals, this angers Barkha further. Barkha’s real worry is yet to hit her, how will she react after finding out the truth behind the Kapadia empire’s real owner? Meanwhile, Vanraj comes back to Ahmedabad with his family. In an attempt to amend his mistakes, Vanraj gifts Leela a nameplate of her own for the house. She is overwhelmed finally getting recognized in the house. They start preparation for Anupamaa’s post-wedding ritual.

Barkha finds out the truth

Back at the Kapadia mansion, Barkha suggests another party for Anuj’s return to business. She receives a huge shock after finding out that it’s actually Anupamaa who now owns everything, from business to property to their house. Barkha gets extremely anxious knowing that Anupamaa has three kids who will demand their rights on the property. She is worried if her daughter and brother would ever get anything.

What will Anupamaa do after finding out Barkha’s true nature? Will Anuj accept Ankush and Barkha after this? Meanwhile, Anupamaa gets worried if Barkha felt bad about Anuj saying no to the party. She also reminds Anuj that she doesn’t want to be known as someone’s wife again. She doesn’t want the property or the business rights, she wants to earn her own identity.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Barkha crossing her limits as she suggests Anuj give someone else the signatory rights in his business. We will also see more love and drama as Anupamaa goes back to the Shah residence for post-wedding rituals. Keep reading for more updates.

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