Rahul Vaidya with Disha Parmar.
Rahul Vaidya with Disha Parmar.

Bigg Boss 14 runner-up Rahul Vaidya takes girlfriend Disha Parmar on a helicopter ride, see here

  • Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar left Mumbai for a quick getaway. While they did not disclose their destination, he shared a picture from their helicopter ride together.
PUBLISHED ON FEB 27, 2021 08:53 AM IST

Singer Rahul Vaidya and girlfriend Disha Parmar went on a helicopter ride for a quick holiday, away from Mumbai. The singer shared a picture of them together, posing by a chopper.

Sharing the picture, Rahul wrote: "Chalo le chalein tumhe, taaron ke sheher mein. Off for a couple of days away from mumbai with my cutie queen @dishaparmar." Both were casually dressed in jeans and t-shirt. Rahul also shared a video, while flying, where both say that they are on their way for their own 'pawri (party)'.

Earlier this month, the Bigg Boss 14 grand finale saw Rahul in a tight competition with Rubina Dilaik, who emerged the winner. Coming runner-up for the second time in a competition (he had been a runner-up on Indian Idol 15 years back as well), the singer didn't have any regrets. "I can probably blame my luck a bit. But I am happy for whatever my luck has given me rather than complaining what it has not. I am thankful for what it has given me. 15 years ago when Indian Idol happened I was a different person and now I am completely different person, so I have no regrets," he told Times of India in an interview.

Rahul and Disha went on a holiday.
Rahul and Disha went on a holiday.

Rahul had caused quite a sensation in November last year, while still inside the Bigg Boss house, when he had proposed to Disha on national television.

In a separate interview, he had said how he became aware of his feelings for her even better while inside the house. Rahul also added that Disha had always wanted a grand proposal. “I realised each and every emotion and relationship when I was inside the house. I would remember the person who would cook food for me at my house to every bond, relation and friend inside the BB 14 house. I realised that there is this beautiful person, Disha in my life, why not marry her? So that's why I proposed to her on national television. She had once told me that if someone ever proposes to me I want it to be grand, par itna special ho jaayega woh usse bhi nahi pata tha (but even she did not know it would be so special)."

Rahul and Disha have confirmed that they are getting married in June this year.


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Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar are likely to marry in June this year.(Varinder Chawla)
Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar are likely to marry in June this year.(Varinder Chawla)

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