Bigg Boss 15: Fans call Shamita Shetty 'wonderful' as she offers Miesha her sandals after learning of her parents' death

Shamita Shetty hugged Miesha and offered her to pick any of her sandals, after getting to know that her parents are no more.
Shamita Shetty hugs Miesha Iyer after she (Shamita) gets to know that her (Miesha's) parents are no more.(Voot)
Shamita Shetty hugs Miesha Iyer after she (Shamita) gets to know that her (Miesha's) parents are no more.(Voot)
Published on Oct 14, 2021 11:57 AM IST
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In an earlier episode of Bigg Boss 15, the housemates (Pratik Sehajpal, Nishant Bhatt and Shamita Shetty) destroyed Junglewasi, Miesha Iyer's sandal during a task. But soon Shamita offered Miesha her own sandal, after she got to know that there is no one outside the Bigg Boss house who'd send her necessary items.

In the latest episode, Miesha got emotional while asking Pratik about her sandals. She asked him why would he do this when he knows that she has nobody outside the Bigg Boss house who can send her things inside the house. After hearing this, Pratik apologised to Miesha and hugged her.

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After this, when Miesha left for her kitchen duty, Shamita asked Pratik why Miesha said that there is no one outside to send her necessary items. Pratik told her that Miesha has lost both her parents. Hearing this made Shamita emotional and she started crying. She then told Pratik to send Miesha to the main Bigg Boss house.

When Miesha came inside the Bigg Boss house, Shamita offers her to pick any one pair of her sandals. Shamita says, “Please pick any one of my sandals, whichever colour you like.” To which Miesha replies saying, “Yours are expensive, mine were not that expensive." Shamita then tells her “That doesn't matter. Just pick one.” Miesha then says that Junglewaasis are not allowed to take anything from them (Bigg Boss housemates). Shamita says that she has kept the sandals in Miesha's luggage box and she can take them whenever she wants to. 

Many Bigg Boss fans have reacted to this incident on Twitter. One person tweeted, “#MieshaIyer more love & strength to her. Losing a parent is the worst feeling in the world, she has lost them both. May God always keep her strong. Classy gesture from #ShamitaShetty for giving Miesha her shoes/sandals. That’s the Shamita we know, she's won my respect #BB15.”Another one wrote, “Shamita shetty has just given her new sandal to Meisha Iyer cos in one of the task Bigg Boss instructed Shamita to destroy Miesha's sandal. Sweet gesture from Shamita.” Another fan complimented Shamita saying, “I'm so proud of Shamita. She gave a good pair of sandals to Miesha. What a wonderful human being. Lots of respect.”

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