Jasmin and Rubina fought on Bigg Boss 14.
Jasmin and Rubina fought on Bigg Boss 14.

Jasmin Bhasin clarifies 'manipulators' tweet not linked to Rubina Dilaik: 'Stop relating my actions with any contestant'

  • Bigg Boss 14's Jasmin Bhasin issue a clarification on Twitter after Rubina Dilaik's fans attacked her. Fans associated her tweet on Sunday about manipulative people with the Bigg Boss 14 winner.
UPDATED ON MAR 08, 2021 01:35 PM IST

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jasmin Bhasin found herself in a spot after fans on Twitter started reading too much into a tweet she had shared Sunday. She clarified that the tweet had nothing to do with any contestant after many began relating it to her encounters with friend-turned-foe Rubina Dilaik.

In two long tweets, she said: "Ok so let me make one thing clear, bigg boss was an amazing journey which has filled my personal and professional life with happiness and success but the show is over now and I am grateful for everything that the show has given me and I have absolutey nothing against any contestant as life is about moving on and starting new journeys. So I request people to stop relating my actions, posts or tweets with any contestant from the show. In short “udte teer”pakadne band kardo yaar. Chill karo aur khush raho (Stop creating an issue where there is none. Chill and be happy).

On Sunday, Jasmin had tweeted to say: "Some people are truly great manipulators . They can lie, cheat ,treat you badly and somehow manage to make it all seem like it’s your fault (winking face) Smart people #kahipadhaathaa."

In no time, fans of Rubina Dilaik started attacking Jasmin. One said: "Lol you and aly can't digest rubina win,lolz bb is over still you both drag her direct or indirectly, its called negative publicity, go girl thats why you make famous more rubi,ppl more hate you, love rubi,you cant digest that avinav is more popular than you,ans you thrown out."

Another user said: "Some people are truly great jealous soul they can jealous'jealous and badly jealous like naagin bhasin urf jasmean." Jasmin was briefly associated with Ekta Kapoor's Naagin 4.

Many fans of Jasmin quickly came to her defense. One user said: "Yes my baby please don't pay attention to them na, they are no one to take your attention they are just fake people. So please attention on us we love u jas u are most real and genuine Person lots of love. May allah bless your life with full of happiness ,love ,sucess." Another said: "U r the best baby we always love you thank you for u making all of us proud #JasminBhasin."

At the start of Bigg Boss 14, Rubina and Jasmin were close friends. But through the course of the show, they turned foes. Things turned so sour that when Jasmin returned to the house, she had got angry with Aly Goni, who had praised Rubina.

Workwise, Rubina has begun working on a music video where she will star with Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra. Rubina and Aly are spending time at his parents' place in Jammu.


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