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Convergence of ideas makes designer duos tick

Just as it takes two to tango, India's designer feel that when the creative instincts of two different individuals merge, better designs emerge - despite some heated arguments.

fashion and trends Updated: Oct 17, 2008 17:01 IST

Just as it takes two to tango, India's designer feel that when the creative instincts of two different individuals merge, better designs emerge - despite some heated arguments.

While Priyanka Modi of AM:PM, who works with her husband Ankur Modi, felt that it helped to have two minds working together to battle the cutthroat competition in the industry, others like Bobby Grover, Ashima Singh and Nainika Karan often argue with their counterparts, only to land up with something fruitful.

"This industry is so tough and competition levels are so high that working together is simply fantastic and works very well," Priyanka Modi maintained.

"You don't require any assistant and your partner is very critical about your view or idea and this helps in churning out a better product. It's always good to have two heads together," she added.

Admitting that "regular quarrels and arguments are always there", she said: "But they vanish when you start focusing about your range. In terms of the creative aspect, I believe like-mindedness works whereas for business purposes, contrasts help in generating good business."

Ashima Singh of the Ashima-Leena duo said both worked together "in tandem and frame all major policies together".

Also admitting their share of "regular clashes", she termed these "normal" because "when two creative people come together, it is very obvious to have difference of opinion. That is momentary, as at the end of the day we only think about the product".

Nainika of the Gauri & Nainika duo counted her blessings.

"We have been working together for the past six years and we don't have major fights or arguments as fortunately we share same tastes and ideas. Touch wood, it's smooth sailing for us," she maintained

Bobby Grover of the Manju and Bobby Grover duo said: "We are two different individuals, even though we are a couple but our thinking, ideas, concepts all are different.

"It's absolutely normal to have fights because arguments pave way to more brilliant ideas and when two minds are put together, end product will surely be different," Grover added

Parvesh of the Parvesh-Jai duo admitted to "normal" clashes over ideas, saying this was "fairly normal when you work as a team.

"If you are not having such clashes, then seriously there is something wrong with the designer duo - either one is dominating or else they lack creativity," he explained.

Gunjan Walia of the Sirali label said she didn't have any "major clashes" as her partner Rahul "is basically an MBA guy and he deals with the marketing deals and expanding our business whereas I do the designing part.

"I do take his valuable inputs and even if there are clashes or arguments - they are very normal and, in fact, they strengthen our bond," Walia explained.

Ashish of the Virtues label said: "We are three people in the team and we have the maximum number of fights. There are days when we don't speak to each other."

When the team's main designer pillars Vikrant and Viral's ideas clash "everything goes for a toss", Ashish said.

"But, at the end of the day, everything is fine because our focus is to make our end product creative and different and all these fights take care of that - as there is exchange of ideas and explanations about the objections, if any," he added.

First Published: Oct 17, 2008 16:52 IST