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Fashion fiesta or a brawl party?

A fashion party gone awry, a bunch of drunk models, a former ex-flame inflamed - a perfect recipe to tarnishing the fashion world's image. Priya Rajendran speaks to HT's photographers who were present at the time... Catch all the action here

fashion and trends Updated: Oct 21, 2008 00:23 IST
Priya Rajendran

The fashion fiesta in the Capital went really well with most collections receiving a good response in both the fashion weeks. So, a celebratory mood had set in and it was raining booze and food in the post-fashion week party. Everything, including the music, was rocking till 3 am, when the models picked up a fight and started throwing chairs around, pushing and shoving whoever was around. No one still knows what exactly triggered off the entire thing. Even the models who got sloshed in the party don't have any clues, I bet!

In this fashion party, HT's photographers were among the other mediapersons to face the ire of the fashion brats. While our photographer Jasjeet Plaha was shoved by one of the security guards very badly, another photographer Dijeshwar got badly hurt in the scuffle too. He has a one-inch deep cut in his chin, thanks to being kicked by the models. <b1>

This is Jasjeet's version of the events. (Dijeshwar and Ronjoy were also there with her when the violent chain of incidents started):

The whole violence is believed to have been triggered after Rohit Bal aka Gudda's former boyfriend Inder Baweja (multi-coloured clothes in 'Pics': Fashion fracas') was emotionally stirred after seeing 'Gudda' with his current muse Lalit Tehlan (. He started picking up a fight with Rohit initially. Seeing this, other models too started pushing each other.

Until the party was going on, the models kept telling us not to take their pictures for privacy reasons and the moment they thought the media had left the place, they started removing their shirts and dancing. That very moment, the DJ stopped playing the music and requested them to wear their shirts again. Some models apparently got irritated as they were asked to leave if they remained unclothed. Some started throwing chairs at the DJ console in their drunk state.

Following this, the models who walked out of the party, picked up fights with all those around them without any rhyme or reason. In the process, lots of bottles were broken too. During this time, we continued taking more pictures while the fight was happening. After a while, Dijeshwar and myself decided to get out of the party and while I was keeping the camera inside my bag, a security guard came and pulled my collar, shoving me hard. I got mad and screamed at him for misbehaving with me. However, the security guard disappeared soon after that. After all this, Rohit Bal's present muse Lalit Tehlan (one in black T-shirt in the pics) saw me screaming at the security guard and yelled at me. He asked me to lay off, telling me it was his party and they were his security guards. He warned me to leave the place immediately. It was a real scary experience!

Meanwhile, my colleague Dijeshwar got injured in his chin as he got kicked by some models who were fighting with one and all. He was rushed to the hospital where he gave a statement to the cops. We were there till 8:30 am in the morning. Currently, we are not filing any FIR against anyone.