How high is too high?

The stars have found a new pair of assets to flaunt, but are they getting it right? Read on to know which stars pulls it off the right way...

fashion and trends Updated: Sep 30, 2010 00:52 IST
Zofeen Maqsood
Zofeen Maqsood
Hindustan Times

With daringly high slit gowns seen on red carpets and runways, it seems like the girlie seductiveness of scoop necklines is being replaced by the power woman sexiness of high slit gowns. While gowns with slits have always found a favoured style spot, too high for comfort, flesh-flashing slits have been raising eyebrows in the recent past. Angelina Jolie wore a black Versace gown with a daringly high slit to the Salt premiere, a couple of months ago. Earlier, Megan Fox wore a Roberto Cavalli number to the Transformers premiere in Berlin, with a slit so high, it left little to the imagination. Pamela Anderson, never a proponent of subtlety, pushed the envelope further, in a gown with a shocking center slit, barely protecting her modesty.

Back home in Bollywood, being a thirty-something mommy didn’t deter Malaika Arora Khan from wearing a goddess gown on a runway earlier this month in Mumbai, with a slit so high it could’ve put the Himalayas to shame. Apart from its high altitude, Arora’s gown also parted at the center, instead of the more restrained side slit. Priyanka Chopra flaunted her toned legs in a high slit golden gown at the GQ Awards, a couple of days ago.

So with stars beginning to favour steadily climbing slits, is it time that we announce that there’s a new pair of assets for display? Designer Paras Bairoliya from Geisha designs says, “While a side slit on a gown is a faultless fashion idea, how high the slit goes should depend upon the personality of the wearer. Though I would say, a risqué, eyeball grabbing high slit gown is not the only way to appear sexy.”

Location location location
Designer Kiran Uttam Ghosh says, “While fashion is all about doing your own thing and expressing your individuality, it is nice to see it done in an aesthetic manner.” So, would that mean that an unexpected flash of skin is more desirous than an obvious show-it-all trick? Designer Nikasha says, “While dressing, one needs to keep ones sensibilities and the sensibility of the place (you are in) in mind. While most international stars could get away with this look, Indian babes sure need to think twice. You can’t dress like Californian bombshells and pretend that the world around you does not as much as flutter.”

Power dressing
Bairoliya says, “New studies show that men are more attracted to a power woman. Also, women today themselves like the whole femme fatale look. So why not, if you possess the confidence to carry it off with panache.” Stylist Rajat Tangri says, “Slit gowns are things that go with confidence, panache and long legs. Bairoliya adds, “For a look like this that needs careful styling, one has to choose a stylist who understands your strengths and weakness well. Indian stars often consult a potpourri of designers, stylists and runway reports to copy a look and that’s where it all goes wrong.”

Who pulls it off
Go for the look:
Lara Dutta: Designer Paras Bairoliya says, “Lara has the right poise and confidence.”
Kangana Ranaut : Stylist Rajat Tangri says, “She’s got the attitude to look great in high slit gowns.”
Bipasha Basu: Bairoliya says, “Bipasha has a sultry complexion and lovely legs.”

Skip the look:
Aishwarya Rai: “Ash goes for volume rather than skin show, so she will not carry the look well,” says Bairoliya.
Preity Zinta: “Preity’s asset is her face, a high slit gown will look a forced on her,” says Bairoliya.

First Published: Sep 29, 2010 16:07 IST