How not to contour: Things to keep in mind

From stark highlighting and heavy-handed bronzers to blush that comes off as pure costume-y, avoid fashion fails by keeping a few simple things in mind.

fashion and trends Updated: Jun 12, 2016 18:40 IST
Snigdha Ahuja
Snigdha Ahuja
Hindustan Times
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Actor Kangana Ranaut fell prey to too stark a contouring at recent events.(Yogen Shah)

The camera is a mean thing! The smallest of flaws get multiplied manifolds as soon as the flash hits the face. So, even if you have practised makeup all weekend, done it so many times before, or got it done in a salon, sometimes, you just can’t get it right. Well, we don’t even expect our celebs to be perfectionists!

Case in point, actor Kangana Ranaut’s recent outings, where her contouring does nothing for her face. So, if you don’t want to fall into the stark cuts and crease trap or the too-much-blush conundrum, be careful!

Be product-wise
The basic dark/light mix of contouring can sometimes go wrong. While certain areas of the same have to fall into the light, highlight zone (apples, forehead portion, nose bridge), the cheekbones and jawline must be in the darker, shadow zone. So, when buying your products,always do a patch test to make sure your foundation and base products are not too pale or too dark as compared to your natural skin tone. Also, make sure you demarcate the right brushes for correct over-all application.

Don’t follow blindly
Social networks are full of inspiration, creativity and the best (and sometimes worst) of ideas when it comes to contouring. But, even if baking, clown or henna contouring look like the newest breakthroughs in the beauty world: don’t ape them blindly! Sometimes, these techniques are more Instagram-friendly than practical.

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Cover up, don’t wash out
When covering your dark circles, don’t overdo when using your cover-up matte stick or powder. It will not only make the hollows stand out, but will create a super costume-y look. The same goes with highlighting, apply with a light hand, and steer clear of over-application. Don’t let that glow give your beauty look a big blow!

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Be camera-smart
If you are stepping out for a red carpet-worthy party, here’s a tip. What’s the best way to find out if your contour is doing the trick? Just test it out! Click a flash-induced picture to find out how it actually looks on camera. Your mirror might not be in tandem with a digital click, keeping lighting, post-production and other factors in mind.

First Published: Jun 12, 2016 15:47 IST