How to colour grey hair

Greying already? Here are some tips to colour your hair black and look younger.

fashion and trends Updated: Sep 17, 2010 11:17 IST
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Greying already? Here are some tips to colour your hair black and look younger.

Know your colour:

To match your natural hair colour, choose a tone closest to the natural shade. Avoid shades darker than the natural colour. Do not try other shades, because that will make your grey hair stand out. Check the eyebrow colour to know the natural hair colour.

Before colouring:

While covering the greys in natural colour, one can modulate a bit by leaving a few grey strands. Alternately, the natural colour can be used in a slightly deeper shade to add warmth and interest to the style.

Hair that is:

Grey hair is usually coarse, less elastic, and curlier than other hair strands. It is more resistant to chemicals and requires more attention when applying colour.


Another colour aspect that we can try on grey hair is a tone-on-tone semi-permanent colour treatment, which blends with 20 to 50 per cent of grey hair. An advantage of this is that the colour will fade ‘naturally’, and there won’t be any obvious grey re-growth areas showing.

Creating an effect:

If only 10—15 per cent (or less) of our hair is grey, try rinsing with an ammonia-free product for an attractive effect. If 50 per cent or more of your hair is grey, a strong semi-permanent process is advisable. Since grey and white hair tends to be resistant, such colour will stay on for long.

(With inputs from Jawed Habib, celebrity hairstylist)

First Published: Sep 16, 2010 18:01 IST