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Man, how to look sexy?

Okay to wear a pink jacket? Chappals with jeans? If you're confused, don't be. Here are solutions to 20 common style problems.

fashion-and-trends Updated: Jan 21, 2008 13:56 IST
Hindustan Times

Okay to wear a pink jacket? Chappals with jeans? If you're confused, don't be. Here are solutions to 20 common style problems.

I am short and plump. What colour, apart from black, will make me look slimmer and taller?
You could wear other dark colours like grey, navy blue, violet, wine red and emerald green. We strongly suggest you stay away from large prints and stick to solid colours. If you still insist on wearing prints, ensure that they are thin vertical stripes - this will make you look both thinner and taller. It also helps to pay attention to the fit of your clothes - we suggest you opt for a fitted lower and match it with a comfort fit short shirt that ends at the hip. This will create an illusion of length.

Is it okay to wear chappals/ sandals with jeans?
Though we don't recommend it highly, it's perfectly fine to wear sandals or chappals with jeans, provided:

You are going to be lounging around casually at home and not stepping out dressed that way.
Your jeans end at your ankle and do not drag on the floor as yo u walk.
Your feet are well maintained, pedicured and smell nice.
You are not wearing bootleg jeans that hide your feet as you walk.

What are the latest options in Indian wear for weddings, not just for grooms but for guests as well?
Grooms and their guests have never had it better we suggest you scan the market before you make your wedding purchases as there is plenty to choose from. Deep and dark jewel tones of green, red and purple are colours to look out for. If you prefer to go metallic, look out for tones in copper and brown or silver and grey. Restrict the amount of embroidery to the bare minimum possible. Less always works better than too much bling!

Is it necessary to wear a plain shirt underneath a patterned sweater?
Not really, but it helps if you do. If you do not want the look to be busy, then ensure that the print of the shirt is not too loud and does not contrast with the sweater. Better still, we suggest you wear a plain T-shirt in a bright colour.

Should the colours of the belt and shoes always match? And what if one is carrying a bag as well?
If you are referring to the formal look, then yes, the belt and shoes must always match and so should the socks. However, it's safe to contrast multicoloured belts with black or brown shoes for casual wear, especially if you are wearing a cloth or canvas belt with a pair of denims. Ditto for bags.

Should the socks go with the trousers or the shoes?
The socks must first match the shoes, then the trousers, since the trousers can be a shade darker or lighter than both the socks and the shoes. You are safe wearing black socks with colours like grey, black and navy blue, white socks with white, ivory and beige and brown socks with brown and olive green.

Is it okay to wear sneakers with blazers / semi-formal jackets?
No it's not - it's one of the worst combinations you can make. If comfort is important, we suggest you opt for a pair of comfortable walking shoes instead. Choose slip-in styles if laces bother you.

Should a tie be in contrast to or matched with a suit?
It's safe to do both and this really depends on the kind of look you want to create. If you want a more striking and eye-catching look, then it's good to contrast. For a more modern and tone on tone look, we suggest you stick to the same colour family.

Is it really all right to wear a pink jacket?
It's all right to wear anything as long as you have the confidence to carry it off and look good in it. Do keep this in mind - there's a time and place for everything and if a pink jacket works for you and where you are going, it's fine for you to wear it.

What is the latest trend in pyjamas that can be teamed with kurtas : churidaars, straight pants or salwars?
In terms of trends, none of the above, as Jodhpuri style riding pants have completely taken over. Traditionally churidaars or drain pipe trousers look great on men wearing kurtas and achkans.

Will I look like my granddad if I wear a check muffler?
Nothing looks too old or too young if you wear it right and don’t feel that way. Fashion is more about personal style than anything else – least of all a passing trend – so if you like the way a check muffler looks on you, you should wear it.

Shall I invest in a tuxedo? And if so, what kind?
Invest in a tuxedo only if your lifestyle demands it and you think you are going to wear it more than once. You are safer with a dressy dinner jacket or a smoking jacket instead.

Are narrow toe shoes still in fashion?
Very much so. We strongly suggest you try and walk in a pair before you buy it just on the basis of looks alone. As long as the tips don’t curl your toes, you are fine wearing pointed shoes.

Do you really think men can carry off skirts / sarongs?
Men should not wear skirts since they look best when they are dressed like men. As for sarongs, if you are on the beach, it’s fine. Anywhere else, don’t even think about it.

Should one wear socks and shoes with Bermudas, or flipflop sandals?

You can wear both. If you are wearing shoes, ensure they ar e casual walking shoes. Sandals are fine too, but they don’t really look that good with socks.

Should you tuck your shirts and T-shirts into your Bermudas?
Firstly, you never wear shirts with Bermudas, only T-shirts and Bermudas work well together. Secondly, you don’t have to tuck in your T-shirt unless you want to.

Do men look okay in capris?
Yes, they look more than okay, especially if they have the build to carry them off. Ideally, men with an athletic build and well-defined calves look good in capris.

Are moustaches still out of fashion? And what about beards?
Facial hair is a personal choice. We personally don’t recommend moustaches on men, as the clean cut look is a lot slicker and more practical as well. Beards are out but a well-defined, strong or shadow stubble is in and can look good on some men – provided they keep it looking well groomed and have the face to carry it off.

Are leather jackets out of fashion?
No, they are not, and are far from going out of fashion. They have been revived from the ’80s and are back in a big way and are here to stay. Thankfully (for the sake of the animals) it’s not very fashionable to wear genuine leather anymore – a fake leather finish works and looks just as well, if not better, than the real thing.

Is it safe to use hair colour? What colour can I use?
It is safe to use hair colour as long as you have done an allergy test before you use it. If you are colouring your hair at home, then follow the instructions carefully. Stick to colours like dark brown and black if you want to conceal your grey. Other brown tones can also be used. Colours like gold, red and pink do not suit most Indian skin tones, especially on men.

Coloured hair looks best if you have a style that is textured or layered – that way you can see the colour better. Once you use hair colour, make sure you use shampoos and conditioners that help retain the colour.