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Scared for your hair and skin this Holi? Hacks to have you sorted

From hassle-free hairstyles to taking care of your skin, your guide to a well-groomed Holi.

HT48HRS_Special Updated: Mar 23, 2016 17:12 IST
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Scared for your hair ahead of Holi? We’ll sort you out.(Shutterstock)

It’s the irony of Holi. The one time of year you don’t care about how you look is when you actually need the most care. But worry not. We’ve put together the best hacks to combat this riotous season of colour and chemicals.



An effective twist on the regular bun, only a notch higher. A neatly tied high bun reduces the chances of chemicals from colours seeping into your hair, getting them dry or flaky and protects your scalp. The lesser hair exposed, the lesser it is damaged .

Do it right: Grab your hair together, pulling it gently into a nice high clump. Secure the clump with a hair tie, giving it to a quick back comb if you want to add volume. Twist the clump into a bun and tie it.


Your back-to-school braid will keep your hair tangle-free. Braids are safe, easy to maintain. They secure all the layers of your hair which may be hard to contain otherwise.

Do it right: Divide your hair into two sections, holding each section in a different hand. Start braiding the two sections all the way down and secure it. Delicately pull the sides of your braids to accentuate their pattern.


Deepika Padukone rocks the middle-parted hair.

Oiling your hair on Holi is essential but it can leave you with a geeky look. The middle parted ponytail is a great trick to turn your oily hair into a slick hairstyle. It gives you cleaner look, and protects your hair from getting frizzy and dry.

Do it right: Part your hair in the middle and pull it into a low ponytail. Take a small portion from the ponytail wrap it around the scrunchy, making sure to conceal it.


If you’re off to a ‘dry colour-only’ party, the messy hair bun will do the trick. It looks playful, yet is effective. It will retain moisture in your hair as the ends are tucked away, which also protects it from getting damaged or rubbed on your clothes.

Do it right: Run your fingers through your hair, making sure to give it a sexy, frazzled look. Tie your hair into a loose ponytail and then fashion it into a bun.

- By Annie Chen, owner, Chen’s Salon, Colaba


The post-Holi face is a disaster zone of unspeakable proportions. We bring an expert to help you tackle that pesky war paint without scrubbing your face red.

Olive oil

Apply olive oil and allow your skin to absorb it before you head out. (Shutterstock)

She recommends applying olive oil and letting your skin absorb it for 15 to 20 minutes. Wash with water using mild cleansing milk. Additionally, for stubborn colours, she suggests applying warm olive oil before rubbing it with a dry cloth.

Sea salt

Make a paste of sea salt, glycerine and aroma oil. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities can heal the damage caused by chemicals and colours. Use cold cream or moisturiser thereafter.

Sea salt has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. (Shutterstock)

Micellar water

Micellar water removes makeup, colour and cleanses your skin without a need to rinse. The hyaluronic acid and shea butter in micellar water hydrates and repairs your skin while also cleaning its pores.

- By Dr. Apratim Goel, cosmetic dermatologist and laser surgeon at Cutis Skin Studio, Kemps Corner.


Here are some useful tips on nail care this Holi season:

• Trim your nails If you don’t regularly clip them, they can tear.

• Follow a good diet for nails Fragile nails are often caused due to iron deficiencies. Follow a diet packed with food rich in iron before the festival.

• Apply dark nail paint: Before stepping out on the Holi day, apply a coat of dark coloured nail paint and remove it once you’re home.

• Massage your nails: Dip your nails in olive oil and massage them every alternate day to make them firm and glossy.

• Avoid nail paints After Holi allow your nails to breathe for a few days before applying nail paints.

- By Amyn Manji, director, NailSpa Experience

First Published: Mar 18, 2016 00:00 IST