Sorbet make-up

Juicy, jewel-toned eye shadows, bright lips and an abundance of reds, oranges, greens and blues are on for this season. Beauty experts tells us how this trend could work best for the Indian skin tone.

fashion and trends Updated: Oct 05, 2010 14:18 IST
Aroma Sah
Aroma Sah
Hindustan Times

Trend reporters have noticed a splash of happy colours returning to the runway not only in clothes, but also in make-up. Everyone — Fendi, Gucci and Marni at the Milan fashion week to Burberry and Christopher Kane at the London fashion week — showed a tilt towards juicy, jewel-toned eye shadows, bright lips and an abundance of reds, oranges, greens and blues. Bold colours could be seen not only in the face, but also on hair!

Drawing from the hot beauty trend, the essential colours that must become a part of your make-up kit, include the typical Indian craft colours. To help you sort out the look, we asked beauty experts how this trend could work best for the Indian skin tone.

Tread with caution
Beauty experts advise that it is a good idea to keep in mind the occasion, while applying your make-up. “Whatever you see on the ramp, only one-fourth of it has to be incorporated for the street look,” says beauty expert Meenakshi Dutt. The ramp-friendly make-up looks good only under the bright yellow lights. “If you try to emulate the exact look, you will end up looking like a freak on the street,” says make-up expert Ambika Pillai. It is wise to tone down that sparkling orange you saw on the runway to a subtler amber. The canary yellow eyeshadow can be mixed with pink to give it a softer hue.

Pillai says, “We Indians have a complexion, which is neither too light nor too dark. People should shed their inhibitions and switch to brighter colours. So move over from the browns and blacks.” She adds, “Go light on the lips while emphasising your eyes with such prominent colours. If you are sporting fuschia lips, go soft on the eyes. Also, do not match your eye make-up with your attire; they must not be of the same shade, but from the same colour family.” “Even international companies are propagating this trend by bringing in vivid hues,” adds Dutt. Another important thing to keep in mind is that, your attire should go with the bright look. A grey dress can actually look great with bright pink lips.

Get it right, when the colour is bright
Do not wear fuchsia, pink, green or any such bright colour all over the eyelids. They do not work as a street look. Instead, blend the corners of your eyes with black and use black eyeliner to tone down the impact of the vivid hue. Use these colours to line the eyes against using them as an eye shadow. “One can also use the colour below the eye and go for a black liner on the eyelid,” suggests Meenakshi Dutt. To keep the look glamourous but subtle, choose bright but not fluoresent colours. Bright magenta lips are great and so are deep reds and oranges. But avoid metallic make-up on lips as this might make you look like a character from a sci-fi film.

First Published: Oct 02, 2010 19:19 IST