Cure for seasonal cough and cold, from ginger tea to eucalyptus oil, more

Common cough, fever and cold are a result of seasonal changes. If you are shivering and sniffling this summer, here are some tried and tested home remedies recommended by medical experts for you.

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Soma Das
Soma Das
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There are around 200 viruses which can cause common cough and cold. (Shutterstock)

It may be peak summer but you could still be suffering from common cough and cold. Seasonal change is harsh on the body, and irrespective of the temperature, you may be suffering from a runny nose, fever, cough and congestion all year round.

“Around 200 viruses have been identified, which can cause common cough and cold. The commonest is the rhino virus, which usually causes cold in fall or late spring, while the RSV and corona virus causes cold in winter, and the enterovirus causes cold in summer. However, it can also spread virally from person to person by visiting crowded places, irrespective of the season,” says Dr Indraneel Raut, Consultant-Internal medicine and critical care at Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai.

Ensure you eat a lot of fruits which are rich in Vitamin C and help you bounce back. (Shutterstock)

Being a viral infection, common cold is a self-limiting condition that lasts for 5-7 days. If it is caused by bacteria, a treatment of antibiotics may also be prescribed. It can also be triggered by an allergic reaction.

If you are down with common cough and cold, it is best to stay adequately hydrated as fever during cold can cause dehydration. “Sip on lukewarm water and increase the intake of liquids, such as soup or fresh juices. Ginger tea is also good for easing out discomfort. Salt water gargling and steam inhalation are other remedies that can relieve congestion. You can also sprinkle a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil on either sides of your pillow when taking a nap. Have hot milk with turmeric or consume a concoction of lemon, cinnamon and honey,” says Dr Abhishek Subhash, General Practitioner, Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr Raut suggests some changes in diet and the inclusion of fruits and dark green leafy vegetables. “Foods rich in vitamin C such as amla (Indian gooseberry), oranges, strawberry and broccoli should be included in your meals. You can also have hot soup with pepper and garlic.”

Lemon, ginger and honey are a great combination to ward off common cough and cold. (Shutterstock)

Simple 10-minute decoctions to make at home for relief:

* Boil water with ginger, raw turmeric stems, tulsi (basil), adulsa leaves, lemongrass and pepper. Add honey or sugar for taste after straining. Drink it when warm.

(Courtesy: Dr Raut)

* Mix in 4 pods of cardamom, 4 corns of black pepper, 4 cloves, a few small slices of fresh ginger and a small piece of cinnamon in water. Allow the mixture to boil and lower the flame. Cover the vessel and allow it to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Strain the mixture, add a little milk or honey and drink it while warm. You can also prepare a simple tea with tulsi by adding 10-15 leaves of tulsi into 1.5 cups of water and boiling it. After about 10 minutes, strain this liquid, mix in a tablespoon of lemon juice and drink it while still warm. Lemon juice contains vitamin C and this, in combination with the medicinal ingredients of tulsi, will improve immunity against the cold.

(Courtesy: Dr Subhash)

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First Published: Apr 25, 2018 09:24 IST