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Diet and exercise plan to stop weight gain on holidays. It’s possible to stay fit

Stop weight gain: You don’t need to ditch your exercise and fitness goals even while holidaying. All you need to do is to focus on your diet and exercise routines.

fitness Updated: Jul 20, 2018 20:10 IST
Soma Das
Soma Das
Hindustan Times
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Stop weight gain: Yoga is one of the simplest exercises you can do while holidaying. (Getty Images)

Weight gain is one of the common side effects of a trip. While you have fun eating new cuisines, your exercise routine goes for a toss and you are not as careful about diet. It all builds up to weight gain, and the process starts right from the time you reach the airport and start eating junk food. To stop weight gain and have a healthy journey, you need to follow some smart diet travel tips and understand how to stay fit while on the move. And while it is tempting you may need to rethink your policy on alcohol during flights.

“The best strategy to plan well in advance. Think about where you will be eating your breakfast, lunch and dinner, and what kind of hygienic food will be available,” says Shabana Sameer, senior dietician, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai.

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During a flight, reduced air pressure makes your bodily functions slow down and digestion gets sluggish. Airplane meals are also high in calories and carbs. Sameer says that carbs like bread, rice pasta and noodles are best avoided, especially on long flights. “Reducing your carbohydrate intake will reduce fluid retention in the body, and the total amount of food in the digestive tract, which further reduces bloating. Your system tends to go in overdrive to digest fatty and salty food. As a result, you feel tired and lethargic,” she says.

Nuts and dry fruits make for good snacks to much on while waiting for check-in or upon arrival. ( Shutterstock )

Opt for a light meal before leaving from home instead of completely skipping a meal, which can result in indigestion or lead you to consume too many calories at your next meal. “Carry some portable snacks like nuts, dry fruits, or fresh fruit to help you through the long check-in and upon arrival. For short duration flights, in-flight meals can be brought from home (and can include a roti roll, sandwich or poha). For longer flights, you can take a homemade meal and one hot in-flight meal (like rice and beans) instead of packed juices, muffins and cakes,” says Munmun Ganeriwal, nutritionist and fitness consultant and founder, Yuktahaar.

Here are some more expert recommended tips to stay fit and not gain weight while travelling:

Ditch chips and fries

Instead pack healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, nutrition bars and nuts, chia seeds and flax seeds to munch on during your journey.

Drink lots of water

During a flight, you need to consume more water to avoid dehydration. “You tend to feel twice as hungry when you become dehydrated. It leads to an increase in the amount of fat and calories consumed. Water is also a great appetite suppressant,” says Sameer.

Ganeriwal cites a study done by Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism which found that mild dehydration can cause the metabolism to slow down by 3%, causing weight gain.

Avoid eating processed, fried food and white bread, because such foods may make you feel tired and unsatisfied. ( Shutterstock )

It’s not just about your diet

You need to also follow a simple exercise regimen to maintain your weight. Move your arms and shoulders to stretch all the muscles and relieve aches caused by sitting still for long. “Walking the aisles is one of the easiest ways to get some exercise on the plane, though it’s tricky if you’re in a small craft. On a larger plane, do loops of both aisles every 15 minutes. Or head to the back of the plane, and do lunges and toe touches in the aisle,” says Sameer.

Ganeriwal recommends doing Surya Namaskar in your hotel room or amidst nature as it is a complete body workout, doesn’t take too long to do, and doesn’t require any special equipment.

Go for grilled dishes

While ordering food in-flight, opt for grilled dishes rather than fried ones. Avoiding processed and fried food, sugary items and white bread, because such foods may make you feel tired and unsatisfied,” says Sameer.

Caffeine can be dehydrating on flights, so avoid consuming it. ( AFP )

Avoid coffee or drinks during flights

Instead, sip on water, buttermilk, lemon water, and coconut water to rehydrate. “Alcohol and caffeine can be dehydrating and can interfere with your sleep cycle,” says Sameer.

If you must drink, have a drink per hour with water as “drink spacers” between alcoholic beverages. “It takes one hour for the liver to completely digest a standard drink. Sipping on the drink slowly and staying hydrated keeps the liver from being overloaded. It enables a person to maintain a safe blood alcohol concentration (BAC),” says Ganeriwal.

Order salads when travelling in Europe along with main course to ensure you are eating something healthy while travelling. ( Shutterstock )

Look out for healthy eating places

Always do a bit of research about good eating places before leaving for your holiday. “Look out for places that serve fresh, local food. Order salads along with a main course when travelling around Europe, or opt for rice and curry if you are on a holiday in Asia. Order dessert as a separate meal and avoid having it post a big meal,” says Ganeriwal.

Don’t just focus on the calories

Instead, look for the freshness of the meal: how fresh are the ingredients, or how freshly it is prepared. “Avoid pre-packaged sandwiches that are prepared a long time back and kept on the shelves,” says Ganeriwal.

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First Published: Jul 20, 2018 08:56 IST