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This is what Mumbai did to get fitter this year

From multisensory wellness and talks on menstrual issues to ketogenic diet and the power of herbs, check out the wellness trends that have been hugely popular in the past six months.

fitter mumbai Updated: Jul 20, 2017 16:40 IST
Susan Jose
Susan Jose
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We look at the health trends that have been hugely popular so far this year.(Istock)

This year several health trends have gained momentum and crossed the threshold of a ‘passing fad’. Be it minimalism or multisensory wellness, experts give us their opinion on what has made these trends so popular as well as effective.

Multisensory wellness

Multisensory wellness — using taste, touch, sounds, visuals, etc. to deliver an all-round experience — is one of the biggest health trends of 2017. “Our sense of touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell when nurtured can surprise us with the outcome. Each of the primary sensory systems contains specialised sensory neurons that transmit nerve impulses to the central nervous system, where it gets processed to yield a perception that detects changes in the environment and help adjust our behaviour appropriately. A well-balanced diet, if fed to all our senses with the right nutrients would help us achieve personal transformation,” says Mickey Mehta, wellness guru.

Fat-filled Ribeye Steak with Cilantro Butter and a side salad topped with ranch dressing. Perfect for a ketogenic diet. (IStock)

Ketogenic diet

A ketogenic diet is high on fat, moderate in protein and extremely low in carbs. As carbs are reduced and fat is increased, the body enters a state called ketosis and converts fats into ketones — molecules that supply energy for the brain. “The reason for popularity of this diet is because it allows one to consume fat yet lose weight,” says Dr Riddhesh Jani, nutritionist, Sketch Clinics, Santacruz (W). He explains, “After a few weeks on this diet, the body and brain become efficient in burning fats and ketones for fuel, instead of carbs. So, the primary sources of energy are proteins and fats. And as protein intake is high, no muscle loss occurs during weight loss process.”


Minimalistic living focuses on living in the present, and creating a memorable life rather than hoarding and desiring more, which can lead to being competitive and add to anxiety about the future. “Minimalistic living or decluttering has become important in today’s stressful and materialistic world as it leads to a meaningful and purposeful life. This is turn creates contentment and paves a way for healthy mind and body,” says Neeta V Shetty, psychotherapist, Blissful Mind Therapy Centre, Wadala (E).

Personalised nutrition

Ryan Fernando, sports nutritionist and co-founder of Qua Nutrition, Bangalore, predicts personalised nutrition as “the next big science and advancement”. One of the many reasons for this is that people are looking at nutrition as preventive medicine. “The smart generation today prefers to weigh their food, count their carbs, stretch and exercise, rather than submitting to lifestyle disorders at an early age. People realise that general guidelines and fad diets leave them disappointed. They want to begin to listen to their body. Hence, personalised nutrition is seen as another investment for the future, rather than an expense,” he says.

Menstrual talks

Right from the campaign asking finance minister Arun Jaitley to make sanitary napkins tax-free to the impending release of films such as Padman, talks about menstrual hygiene have taken centrestage. They focus on real and relevant issues such as affordability and accessibility. “In India, people are shy to talk about menstrual cycle. Societal pressure is also a factor that makes women refrain from talking about it in the open. But, these notions are gradually changing with increased awareness. Women are learning to educate oneself and ensure that they do not pass on the wrong information to young girls,” says Dr Bandita Sinha, gynaecologist and director, World Of Women, Vashi.

Herbs such as ginger aid in digestion, and if digestion is good, overall health stays good. (Istock)

Power of herbs

“Herbs have become one of biggest health trends this year because many lifestyle diseases are on the rise,” says Dr Seema Dixit, a Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Science (BNYS). She explains that herbs aid in digestion, and if digestion is good, overall health stays good. “These days, many people forget to include herbs in their diet. Due to their hectic schedules, they depend on takeaways and processed foods. But by realising the repercussions, people are switching to a healthy and herbal lifestyle.”

Crystal therapy

With emerging trends, many ancient methods of healing are back under the frame of alternative healing therapies. This therapy also enjoys a huge celebrity following adding to its popularity. “Wearing or carrying crystals or placing it at home raises the positive vibrations and energies. Crystals also help clean the energy centres of the body aka ‘chakras’,” says Namrata Dagia, clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist and founder, The Illuminating Zone, Kandivili (W).

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First Published: Jul 19, 2017 10:05 IST