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Altered ego

Lose control!

health and fitness Updated: Apr 30, 2012 15:27 IST
Shweta Kansara
Shweta Kansara
Hindustan Times

Always labeled ‘Little Miss Perfect’ or ‘Mr Control Freak? Take this quiz and find out if you really are a perfectionist.

If some work is assigned to me:

a. I’ll make sure my work is planned and organised well.
b. I am rarely able to work properly, I often make careless mistakes.
c. I try my best and do as much as I can.

I avoid making mistakes by:

a. Making a ‘do’s and don’ts’ list and sticking to a planned routine.
b. I try being alert but still end up making mistakes.
c. Continuing to do my task without thinking about mistakes.

I think every one must follow rules and if a person faces trouble in his/her life it’s because he/she didn’t stick to the rules and they deserve it:
a. Yes
b. No
c. Maybe

People think of me as:

a. Someone who takes a lot of effort to make sure everything is perfect.
b. Someone who is clumsy or lost in his or her world.
c. Someone who is very laid back.

After taking up a task:

a. I make sure I complete it and only then do I take a break or else it would keep bothering me.
b. I take frequent breaks, as I tend to get easily distracted.
c. I would try to balance my leisure and work time.

When it comes to my finances:
a. I have my savings planned and spend carefully.
b. I often lose money and spend impulsively.
c. I am not too particular about my money, but I know I have to save and I do try.

While working at my desk :

a. I always want things to be kept in their place, if not, I feel distracted.
b. I may have to struggle to find my things since they’re in a mess, but it doesn’t bother me
c. Though I mess up a clean place while I am working. I may clean it later whenever I find the time.

Most as
You are a disciplined perfectionist. You are efficient when given responsibility. You lack the skill of taking decisions instantly thus unpredictable situations stress you out.
Most bs
You are a relaxed and a hassle-free person. You may come off as irresponsible hence you may develop interpersonal issues.
Most cs
You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You would accept your flaws but may find it difficult to overcome them.

Dos and dont’s
1. Learn to live in the present, don’t worry about the future
2. Be spontaneous
3. Try and think from others’ point of view too
4. Wait and watch, and don’t overreact
5. Delegate responsibilities to others and trust their skills

—Shweta Kansara is a counselling psychologist at Mindtemple. Contact her at

First Published: Apr 30, 2012 13:55 IST