Because you're worth it: Six spa massages to make you melt
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Because you're worth it: Six spa massages to make you melt

A tired body knows the healing power of a good massage. For you to realise this first, you need to move away from the stereotype that it’s just a fad followed by the rich lot. So, the next time you step into a spa ask your therapist for any of these massages.

health and fitness Updated: May 16, 2015 13:46 IST
Deekshita Baruah
Deekshita Baruah
Hindustan Times
Healthy Massages,Balinese Massage,Deep Tissue Massage

A tired body knows the healing power of a good massage. For you to realise this, first, you need to move away from the stereotype that it’s just a fad followed by the rich lot.

In today’s world it is as essential as a good diet and lifestyle. Why? Because it’s important to improve circulation at the core and eliminate toxins for a holistic you.

So, the next time you step into a spa ask your therapist for any of these massages:

1 Balinese massage:Balinese massage is one form of traditional Indonesian massage. Originating on the island of Bali, this massage involves a combination of techniques, including massage, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy into one session. Often used for relaxation, this type of massage can also help loosen muscles and ease pain.

Amit Sharma, spa manager, NeoVeda Spa, The Metropolitan Hotel says, “This style of massage combines influences from a number of different cultures, including China and India. In particular, it is often linked to Ayurveda, an Indian holistic medical system which emphasises bringing the body into balance. One of the main goals of the Balinese massage is to reach a relaxed state of mind and to accomplish this the masseuse may knead or fold the skin to promote the flow of blood, oxygen, and energy throughout the body.”

Why we recommend it: This massage is a combination of acupressure, and reflexology which allows the Balinese massage to release deeply tensed and knotted muscles. The massage works especially well on achy joints and muscle strains. It also ease migraines, sleep disorders, and breathing problems.

2 Deep tissue massage: If you aren't able to work out regularly then it is essential to try to fit in a good massage, weekly, for maintaining good health. The first step for a relaxed mind and body is to improve circulation.

Kamayani Kanwar, founder, Asianroots , who is also a trained Ashtanga yoga instructor says, “The deep tissue massage is advisable as it is very effective in improving circulation while it wrenches out aches and pains. Most people love it as it is deeply satisfying. At times we have women crying silently during treatment. It’s a sign of purging deep rooted resentments and hurt and most of them emerge from the therapy feeling refreshed.”

Why we recommend it: Deep tissue massage can help you get rid of your texting-neck (injuries and pain sustained from looking down at a smartphone for too long) and HOLS (hunched over laptop syndrome).

3 Herbal ball treatment: The herbal ball treatment is quite a fad these days. Therapists apply herbal balls to joints. The herbs are soaked in by the body once the skin is oiled and muscles are relaxed. This heated healing herbal pouch is applied to all inflamed joints especially the knees, ankles and shoulders.

“At VLCC, we have Pinda Sveda where we use linen wrapped boluses to improve muscle tone and flexibility. The herbal oil is also rubbed onto the body using special strokes and techniques. It helps in treating conditions like arthritis, back and joint pains, asthma and stiffness, says a VLCC wellness expert.

Take a massage frequently to eliminate toxins from your body. (Shutterstock)

Why we recommend it: The herbs sourced from the Javanese jungles bring relief to aching muscles, tendons or joints and improves circulation.

4 Sports massage: Sports massage is a treatment, which aims to stretch tight muscles, stimulate inactive muscles and improve soft tissue condition.

Sharma says, “Sports massage enables you to move your body more freely and can, in time, improve your posture. As the name suggests it is popular with sports people, as it enhances performance, assists recovery and prevents injury, but these are benefits that we can all enjoy.”

Why we recommend it: The remedial techniques used in this massage have been borrowed from traditional massage and other disciplines such as physiotherapy or osteopathy. They are used to free up tight tissues and stimulate the repair process.

5 Temple Massage: Traditionally practiced only in the sacred temples of Thailand, the temple massage applies gentle pressure and rhythmic rocking and stretching.

Dr Rashmi Ambastha, spa director, Quan Spa, JW Marriott Mumbai says, “The massage technique is a combination of passive yoga-like stretching with gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines. The benefits of temple massage include stress relief, improves sleep quality, improved flexibility, greater awareness of body and mind, and a release of blocked energy.”

Why we recommend it: This massage helps balance your inner energy by improving flexibility and relieving muscle tension.

6 Re-energising sun stones: In this massage, Swedish effleurage strokes are used in combination with the penetrating warmth of basalt stones to dispel stress and tension and restore the body’s balance. Warm stones are placed on the seven chakras, which, according to Oriental tradition, are key centers of energy.

Dr Vijay Aggarwal, senior associate director, Spa L’Occitane India says, “It is a perfect ritual for sports enthusiasts or those with a hyperactive streak.
Feelings of fatigue or weakness will simply disappear.”

Why we recommend it: It provides relief from pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and decreases muscle spasms.

First Published: May 15, 2015 19:16 IST