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Hindustan Times | By Leena Mogre, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 03, 2011 03:10 PM IST

I am 29 years old and I’m 6 ft tall, weighing 89 kilos. Can you suggest a vegetarian diet for me, which can help me reduce my weight.

Hi Yogesh, according to your height your ideal weight should be around 80-82 kgs. You can follow this diet.

Early morning (7.30 am): 1 cup green tea + 2-3 soaked almonds + 1 walnut + few raisins.
Breakfast (9 am): 1 cup of skimmed milk (avoid sugar), 2-3 steamed idlis or 1 plain dosa with sambhar (avoid coconut chutney) or 1 bowl of oats porridge.
Mid-morning (11.30 am): 1 fruit (seasonal)
Lunch (1 pm): Always start your meal with a glass of water. Have one bowl of salad + 2-3 dry chapatis + 1 cup brown rice + dal 1 ½ cup / sprouts + veg. 1 cup + curd 1 cup/ buttermilk (skim milk).
Evening snacks (5 pm): 1 cup tea ( ½ tsp sugar) + 2-3 digestive biscuits/ chana chaat / wheat puffs + 1-fruit (seasonal).
Dinner (8 pm): Homemade veg. soup 1 bowl + salads / raita 1 bowl + 1 multigrain bhakri (made with jowar/bajra/ ragi) [avoid rice] + 1 ½ cup dal/ sambhar + vegetables 1 cup.

I am 19 years old. My height is 5.10 and I weigh 55 kilos. How much weight should I gain in order in to fit? Please suggest a vegetarian diet plan.

Hi Jay according to your height and age you should weigh around 70 kgs. Here’s a diet plan.

Early morning: One handful of dry fruits (soaked almonds+ dates+ raisins+ cashews+ pista).
Breakfast: One glass milk (use skimmed milk) + 2 whole wheat veg. sandwich/ 2 parathas either stuffed with paneer or veg/ 1 bowl cornflakes.
Mid-morning: 1 glass fruit juice.
Lunch: 3 chapatis + 2 bowl rice + 1 ½ cup dal/ sprouts/ sambhar + 1 cup veg. + 1 cup salads + 1 cup curd/ custard.
Evening: One glass fruit milk shake (banana/ chickoo/ mango)/Soya milk + any snacks like 4-5 steamed dhoklas with green chutney/ corn chaat/ sprouted bhel.
Mid-evening: 1-2 fruits
Dinner: 3 chapatis + 2 cups rice/ sprouted pulao + 1 ½ cup dal/ paneer bhurji + 1 cup veg. + 1 cup salads.
Bed time: Fruit with jelly/ fruit custard.

Leena Mogre is the director of Leena Mogre Fitness and is an aerobics, power yoga and weight training expert. Her panel, comprising Dr Rakesh Nair (orthopaedics and sports medicine), Jaya Hiranandani (nutritionist), Kalpesh Vinerkar (exercise and sports training), Nikhil Mogre (sports specialist) and Rupali Gujar (diet and nutrition) will answer your questions.

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