Beware of the weighty winters

Love winter for its cosy comforts and all the yummy food you get to gorge on? Winter can wreck havoc on your fitness regime and send your weight graph soaring. Watch out!
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Updated on Jan 25, 2011 03:28 PM IST
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Love winter for its cosy comforts and all the yummy food you get to gorge on? Like every good thing in life, the pleasant nip in the air comes with a price. With your sweet tooth going berserk at the sight of hot gulab jamuns and your exercise plan thrown out of the window, you may end up piling on extra pounds that can make that LBD a distant dream.

Here’s how to watch your weight during the cold months without missing out on the little pleasures of life.

Nab the culprit
It’s important to understand why we gain those extra kilos during winter. Nutritionist Shikha Sharma says, “A lot of people put on two to six kilos of weight during winter. It’s because our appetite is higher in winter than in summer, as we easily digest food. We also become more sedentary due to the chill, and prefer snuggling up close to a heater rather than going for a walk.”

Another reason for weight gain during winter is that our BMR (basal metabolic rate) falls down due to low temperature. “You thus burn less calories and pile up those extra pounds. Also, there is an increased craving for comfort food such as jaggery-based items,” says dietician Simran Saini.

You are also more dehydrated, as you drink less water and consume endless cups of tea and coffee that again send your weight-graph soaring.

Work out a smart plan
A few changes in your daily routine can keep weighty woes at bay. “Drink a lot of water to keep your stomach full. If you cant resist eating sweets and fried food, cut down on the quantity,” says Saini. Also, don’t miss out on exercises, no matter how lazy you feel. If you don’t feel like hitting the gym, work out at home regularly.

And, don’t fool yourselves by thinking that you can conceal all that flab under layers of warm clothing. The truth is quite opposite. If you have put on weight, and then all those layers, you are certainly at your fattest best.

LBD’s sworn enemies exposed!
Don’t let these sabotage your diet plan and stop you from fitting into that sexy number

Gajar Ka Halwa 100g 1350 cal
Peanut Chikki 100g 450 cal Mooli Parantha Medium size 280 cal
Tea 1 cup 80 cal
Pistachios 100g 626 cal
Potatoes 100g 97 cal
Beer 1 can 153 cal

How to beat winter flab

* Hate gym in winter? Bathroom exercises were invented keeping you in mind. Also keep an exercise machine in your bedroom
* If you love jaggery, go for chana chikki instead of the peanut one
* Bran paranthas must replace all that ghee dripping potato-filled stuff in your life
* Have clear vegetable soup or chicken soup made at home without any cornflour
* Limit consumption of alcohol during winter
* Avoid high-cal dry fruits like pistachios. Stick to almonds
* Ban potatoes from your kitchen. Make room for mushrooms and beans
* Popcorn sans any butter makes for a healthy snack
* Switch over to green tea that’s high in antioxidants
* Munch high-fibre fruits like guava and pomegranate.

Who gained, and who didn’t, this winter
Amanpreet Wahi
Weight gain: 2kgs
Reason: I was too lazy to work out, and also munched a lot on unhealthy snacks.
Remedy: A new exercise machine in my bedroom.

Sonia singh
TV actor
Weight gain: 1.5kg
Reason: I was vacationing in Goa and ate a lot of prawns and fried stuff.
Remedy: I work out rigorously, and drink lots of carom seed water.

Neetu Chandra
Weight gain: 0kg
Reason: : I don’t let my fitness routine go downhill in winter, no matter how tired I am.
Fitness mantra: I drink lukewarm water in winter, and also eat fruits.

Nina Manuel
Weight gain: 0kg
Reason: I eat everything I like in winter, but only in small quantities. I also drink less tea.
Fitness mantra: I always wrap up dinner early, latest by 7pm.


    Shara Ashraf writes on lifestyle, food, fashion, beauty and health, for the daily Entertainment & Lifestyle supplement, HT City.

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