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Feeling the heat already? You don’t have to give up on health routine

The sun might have you feeling sluggish but don’t let it keep you away from your fitness regime. Here’s how to make sure you are on top of your health game, even with the sweltering summer heat.

health-and-fitness Updated: Apr 09, 2016, 14:43 IST
Snigdha Ahuja
Snigdha Ahuja
Hindustan Times
A few changes in your everyday exercise regime can help you stay fit even in the sweltering summer. (Istock)
A few changes in your everyday exercise regime can help you stay fit even in the sweltering summer. (Istock)

Is the rising heat already forcing you to lose out on your fitness game? It’s not only you who’s feeling sluggish and tired. “In summer, the rising temperature often causes headache, irritation, stress, exhaustion, heartburn, fatigue, and dizziness . Also, it is easy to gain weight when it’s hot. Heat can lower your metabolism and cause you to lose your stamina,” says naturopath Santosh Pandey . While all these things might work against you, it’s important to not lose track of your fitness.

Time and place it right
Subtle tweaks in your routine can help you continue with your workout. If 9am is your standard morning walk time, take the early route and start off your walk/running route at 7am, when the sun might not bog you down. Alternatively, picking an evening time is also beneficial, may be post-work. If you want to ditch the outdoor scene completely, consider gym workouts or yoga. “An indoor regime of yoga can benefit greatly by enhancing flexibility, stamina and brings about a fantastic coordination between mind and body. Other than yoga, those who like swimming can indulge in it as it is one of the best forms of over all exercise,” says fitness expert Amrapali Patil.

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Beingfood wise
Your diet plan can help in regulating your metabolism during high heat days. “In summer, the key to maintaining or losing weight is to keep your body well hydrated .In the absence of hydration, your body gets the wrong signal of being hungry. Add more liquids to your diet, and cut down the intake of poultry and meats,” says health expert Dimple Mirchandani. She suggests having more water , coconut water and fresh juices and avoiding sugary drinks. Cucumber, watermelon and other foods with high water percentage should be consumed along with ‘light’ fresh fruits and vegetables that don’t produce heat in the body.

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Keeping it cool, skin-deep
In summer, your workouts can adversely affect your skin. Exercising in the open exposes you to not only the harmful rays of the sun, but also dust, grime and infection. “Apply water-based moisturising sunscreen and a lip balm before workout.Before going for a swim, apply lotions that include olive oil. You can also hop in the shower before going out for the workout as it helps to increase blood flow in your body,” says Navin Taneja, skin expert. Post the workout, exfoliation and cleansing is a must. “Always use an anti-bacterial cleanser after working out. Take a shower and exfoliate from head to toe to remove dead skin layers.To reduce redness due to heat from exercising, use creams that have soothing agents such as algae and mugwort.”

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