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Movements may be felt at the site of fracture. This should never be elicited by the First-Aid provider.

health and fitness Updated: Sep 27, 2003 19:35 IST

A fracture is a complete or partial breakage of a bone. Fractures may be:

Simple, where the broken ends of the bone do not cut open the skin

Compound, where the broken end of the bone may be in contact with the external air

Complicated, where in addition to the fracture an important internal organ may also be injured. A complicated fracture may also be simple or compound.

Signs and Symptoms of a Fracture

Pain at or around the site of the fracture.

Tenderness (pain on gentle pressure) over the area. Do not press hard.

Swelling over the area with discoloration.

Loss of normal movements of the affected part.

Deformity of the limb may be caused. The limb may lose its normal shape and there may be apparent shortening of the limb.

If, as in the leg bone, the break is just under the skin, the irregular outline of the bone can be felt easily.

When one end of the broken bone moves against the other, a crackling sound may be heard. This is called crepitus (grating). This should never be elicited by the person giving First Aid.

Unnatural movements may be felt at the site of the fracture. This too should never be elicited by the First-Aid provider.

In addition the victim may himself say that he heard the snap of the bone. It is important to compare the injured limb with the normal limb while making an assessment.