How to 'feel' healthy

Keeping your body functioning naturally and optimally so as not to fill up with toxins is the secret to a healthy, stress-free life. Read on to know the four elements for a healthy life.

health and fitness Updated: Oct 04, 2010 01:29 IST

Often wondered what the secret is to a healthy, stress-free life? Turns out, the key is to keep your body functioning naturally, optimally, so that you do not fill up with toxins.

According to an interesting blog entry on, feeling good and healthy requires four elements.

Protein: The human body needs one gram of protein per pound. When the body doesn't have enough protein, it will feed on itself for survival. In addition to eating animal- or plant-based protein rich foods, you might want to try adding unlikely sources like quinoa and olives.

ExerciseLiver and the lymphatic system: Sweat daily to get the toxins out with your workout of choice. If you are injured, try relaxing in a sauna to keep your lymph nodes working and limit your alcohol intake to keep your liver healthy.

Digestion: Avoid a diet rich in sugars and complex carbohydrates and chew. The ideal recommendation is 30-40 chews per bite.

Breathing: Take long deep breaths, 'watch' your breath and make an effort not to hold it in when stressed. You might want to try adding yoga and meditation breathing techniques.

First Published: Oct 03, 2010 18:29 IST