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Keep touchscreen germs at bay with Taptool

A simple over-the-finger device cuts down on smudges and marks and even typos.

health and fitness Updated: Jan 28, 2014 17:00 IST
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A simple over-the-finger device cuts down on smudges and marks and even typos.

Just landed on Kickstarter, the Taptool has been developed by an orthopedic physical therapist to "precisely support the joints and the nerves of the fingertip," but that's just the start. The shaped tip makes hitting a smartphone's tiny virtual keys easier -- so it's great for gaming too or as a stand-in stylus -- and because it forms a physical barrier between fingertip and screen, it's a great way of reducing the spread of germs.

It also means that if the screen in question is clean, it will stay clean because the Taptool will stop your fingers from smudging it and leaving fingermarks all over it.

Conductive material is used in its construction so it will still work when worn over a glove (be it woolen for keeping out the cold or latex in a healthcare environment) and its makers suggest that it could also be the ideal little device for when we're faced with having to use a communal touch screen -- say, when at the gym and programming the treadmill.

Its crowd-funding campaign is looking for a mere $10,000 and after less than two days is only $700 away from hitting its target. Early-bird backers can snap up a set of two Taptools for just $10 but for $20 a pack of five in a carrying case is also on offer. Taptool's creators hope to start shipping the first devices in July.

First Published: Jan 28, 2014 16:58 IST