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New-age remedy

Unusual catering service offers ghar ka khana and yoga instructor to help shape body and mind.
Hindustan Times | By Sneha Mahale, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 07, 2011 02:48 PM IST

When Tanishta Shah, 23, MBA student, started losing hair and weight, she visited her local physician, who said that she needed a lifestyle change. What Shah didn’t know was that Mridula Agarwal of Soul Care had already gone through a similar situation and had come up with a solution. A tiffin service that offered ghar ka khana with a yoga instructor to keep the mind and body healthy.

“Eating outside food daily isn’t feasible. When it comes to tiffins, the options available are not always healthy. So I decided to start this service that would keep our improve our general constitution,” says Agarwal, who is a food technologist from Delhi. Soul Care is a three-month-old service and it caters to those looking for healthy home-cooked meal options. People suffering from diabetes or hypertension and even those wanting a Jain meal can avail of this service. “The daily intake of calories for an individual is between 600 to 800 kcals. We ensure that the food we offer doesn’t exceed this limit,” says Agarwal.

The menu on offer is simple and the recipes have been devised by Agarwal’s mother and grandmother. A chef tests the meals prepared everyday, to ensure that they fall within the health criteria. The tiffin, hence, is wholesome and has a variety of items ranging from pulses, vegetables, rotis and rice to even sweets, salads and health drinks. There are specials dishes made for festivals and occasions like Valentine’s Day.

Agarwal says, “No item is repeated for a fortnight. We have different cuisines like Mexican, Chinese and Italian on offer on the Weekends, while during the week we offer Indian meals. We also change our menu due to external factors like weather. Now that summer is on, we offer nimbu paani and jaljeera.” And if that’s not all, those opting for the corporate catering service can also be served non-veg food, as well as the services of a yoga instructor. “We understand that these days many people do not have the time to visit a gym. We have three yoga instructors who go to the office and conduct classes there after work hours,” says Agarwal. “The whole idea is to ensure that people get a healthy experience and are able to enjoy the benefits of a healthy constitution.”

On the menu
Day 1:
Dal Palak, aloo matar, jeera rice, paranthas, Valentine salad, mango juice.
Day 2: Moong dal, chilka fry, arbi masala, jeera rice, rotis, rose petal sweet curd, nimbu paani .
Day 3: dal makhani, bharwan shimla mirch, jeera rice, latcha parantha, kewra, phirni, salted jaljeera with boondi garnish.
Day 4: chowli/ lobiya / rongi aloo papdi, veg biryani, rotis, salad and nimbu paani.

Weekly subscription Rs. 595, monthly subscription: Rs. 2,528.
Call 9167206231 or log on to

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