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Some Useful Tips

Besides an annual eye examination, some simple steps should be followed to protect the eyes.
PTI | By HT Correspondent
PUBLISHED ON JUL 31, 2003 08:22 PM IST

Besides an annual eye examination, some simple steps can be followed that can help preserve good sight. They are:

Avoid meddling with the eyes as far as possible such as rubbing the eyes often, or squeezing them. If there is significant irritation in the eyes, consult your eye doctor.

Avoid looking directly at the sun, welding electrodes or any other source of very bright, intense light.

Try to watch television from a minimum of six screen lengths from the set, which is the recommended distance. Also watching television for very long hours every day has been known to cause eyestrain.

If you have any systemic diseases like hypertension or diabetes, see your eye doctor right away. The eyes are very often damaged in these conditions and early detection and treatment is crucial.

Do not use excessive eyeliners or other makeup material for the eye. Some of these could irritate and cause problems for the eye.

Common symptoms of eye diseases

Some common symptoms of eye diseases are:

Diminishing vision. This may be sudden or gradual, persistent or intermittent.

Redness and irritation in the eyes

Pain within the eyes or headache

Double vision

Watering of or discharge from the eyes

Flashes of light or sparks in vision

Sudden prominence of the eyes

Spots in vision


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