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The problem of anger

The anger, of which we are aware, is much less harmful than unrecognised anger.

health and fitness Updated: Jun 18, 2003 20:23 IST

There are no simple solutions to the problem of anger, no set formula that deals with this complex issue. However, there are a few steps which, when followed, may lead to a reasonable solution. They are as follows:

Recognise that you are angry

. The anger, of which we are aware, is much less harmful than unrecognised anger. Try to find out what exactly has made you angry. Are you angry about something or are you afraid of something. Your anger may not be reasonable but that does not mean it does not exist.

Identify the source of your anger

. You may be upset with your boss at work. But since you are unable to express your feelings to him, you may show that frustration on your family. Misplaced anger isolates you from meaningful relationships.

Determine whether your anger is realistic or not

. Is the cause for your anger justified? Will your anger solve the problem?.

Cope with anger

. If you keep accumulating anger, you are building up pressure within yourself like a pressure cooker. You need safety valves, else the situation is going to get out of control. Try these to cope with anger.

Use relaxation techniques

to cool off. Anger produces a lot of energy. Physical activity is a healthy outlet for getting rid of anger. A brisk walk in the open could help.

Improve communication with the family. It helps better understanding of the problem. When anger interferes with communication, the focus shifts from the real problem.


First Published: Jun 18, 2003 20:23 IST