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Hair should be trimmed regularly to eliminate split ends, which may travel up length of the shaft.
PTI | By HT Correspondent
PUBLISHED ON JUL 14, 2003 06:42 PM IST

Hair falls into three broad types:

Dry Hair

A mild shampoo should be used, followed by a conditioner formulated for dry hair. Hair should be trimmed regularly to eliminate split ends, which may travel up the length of the shaft, giving a roughened, brittle appearance. The condition of the scalp and the condition of the hair can be quite different. The scalp can be oily and the hair dry because overwashing has removed the moisture from it.

Hot oil treatments may be helpful where a dry scalp accompanies dry hair. The oil temporarily seals the surface of the skin and hair, so that no moisture can escape, allowing time for the natural moisture to restore itself. Warm olive oil should be massaged into the hair and scalp which should then be covered with a towel for an hour. Remove oil, by first applying shampoo, then gradually adding water.

Greasy Hair

Greasy hair is caused by an overabundance of sebum from the sebaceous glands, which lie next to the hair follicle. The sebum is spread along the shaft by matting of the hairs and friction of one against the other. The excessive activity of the sebaceous glands cannot be suppressed and so the hair needs to be washed more regularly than normal since its greasy state attracts dirt more quickly. Dry shampoos are particularly useful and effective for greasy hair.

Combination Hair

Combination hair is oily at the scalp and dry and brittle at the ends. This may be caused by overzealous washing with the wrong shampoo when the natural state of the hair tends towards greasiness. Use of a milder shampoo, one based on high quality wash-active ingredients, which cleans gently without demoisturising the scalp, and conditioning the ends of the hair to counteracts the dryness, is very effective.

Fine Hair

Fine hair has static, which makes it flyaway and difficult to control. It is particularly important to use a conditioner regularly on this type of hair to counteract the static. A conditioning rinse helps to add bulk.


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