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We review trailers and what they say about these 5 highly anticipated 2016 releases

HT48HRS_Special Updated: Dec 31, 2015 17:01 IST
Sarit Ray
Sarit Ray
Hindustan Times
Eddie Redmayne (as Newt Scamander) in

Hail, Caesar!

A period film about the making of a period film, from which the leading man goes missing. This one promises to be the kind of quirky comedy only the Coen Brothers could make. Baird Whitlock (George Clooney, a Coen favourite) is the greatest star in ’50s Hollywood, and he’s bumbling his way through a big-budget film where he plays Caesar. Until, he gets kidnapped. And it’s up to producer Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) to raise the ransom money and rescue him. There’s dancing, there’s technicolour and actors talking through gritted teeth, on screen and off it.

Direction: Ethan Coen and Joel Coen

Release: February 5 in the US (India release to be announced)

Captain America: Civil War

From one superhero universe to another, this one seems like it’ll keep the franchise going, without bringing the full team in. But, there are IMDB credits for Ant-Man and Spidey, so we’re not sure if this, is the dawn of another alliance. All we know is that Cap is out to save old friend, Bucky ‘Winter Soldier’ Barnes; and, even if for a brief period, there’s a Captain versus Ironman face-off. Of course, superheroes typically behave like girlfriends in chick flicks: they fight, then they hug and make up. Let’s just give the Sex and the City ladies superhero costumes from Chanel next.

Direction: Joe Russo and Anthony Russo

Release: May 6 in the US (India release to be announced)

Independence Day, Resurgence

If you’re a ’90s kid, you’ve dramatically said these lines: “Today, we celebrate our Independence Day.” Twenty years since one of the biggest movies of that decade (Independence Day released in 1996), comes the sequel. While we’re glad to see Jeff Goldblum (back as scientist David Levinson, who helped save Earth the last time), we will miss Will Smith (Captain Steven Hiller). The trailer, however, isn’t as exciting as it should be, primarily because it invests too much in invoking the older film and too little on promising anything new. Bigger spaceships and explosions no longer make a film.

Direction: Roland Emmerich

Release: June 24 (India release)

Batman vs Superman

What’s better than one superhero? Two superheroes. Oh, wait, there’s more. While the promise has been of a Batman-Superman showdown, it might really be about them joining forces. If ‘Dawn of Justice’ hadn’t given it away, the appearance of Wonder Woman does: it’s the foundation for the Justice League, the DC Universe’s answer to Marvel’s The Avengers (psst; there’s even an IMDB credit for Aquaman). Expect a CGI fest, and long, indulgent fight sequences, courtesy, Mr Snyder. We just hope he doesn’t go overboard with them, like he did in Man of Steel. We like the sound and fury. We just hope it signifies something.

Direction: Zack Snyder

Release: March 25 (India release)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

‘Lumos Maxima’. The spell might send light streaming out in JK Rowling’s magical world, but in the trailer, it works like a nostalgia charm. Rowling took a textbook at Hogwarts to create this spin-off. Which means, none of the Harry Potter characters will be in it. Then again, Eddie Redmayne (as Newt Scamander) — the rare British actor to not feature in the Potter series — looks set to give Pottermaniacs a new icon. The teaser doesn’t show any creatures (that escape from a suitcase), but we’re expecting plenty of them. Hippogriffs, dragons, and a whole lot more.

Direction: David Yates

Release: November 18 (worldwide release)

First Published: Dec 31, 2015 00:00 IST