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Modi 3.0: Unleashing the power of e/acc

ByHindustan Times
Jan 27, 2024 12:13 PM IST

This article is authored by Ashwin Gopinath, MIT professor, ex-Googler and deeptech entrepreneur, specialising in AI and synthetic biology, Palo Alto.

Since Independence, India's journey in innovation has consistently been tainted by its colonial history, leading to a mindset of following rather than pioneering. This has manifested in our reliance on 'jugaad' – reimagination of existing Western technologies, rather than creating entirely new paradigms. However, this narrative is being rewritten under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi 1.0 and 2.0 saw initiatives like Digital India and Smart Cities, empowering citizens and nurturing a vibrant startup ecosystem. Now, as we approach Modi 3.0, a potent formula emerges – Effective Accelerationism, or e/acc.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (ANI)
Prime Minister Narendra Modi (ANI)

e/acc is not merely about embracing technology; it's an acknowledgement that technology can transform every facet of life. It's about harnessing the forces of AI, renewable energy, and automation to propel India into a future marked by extraordinary technical conveniences, greater social equity, and enduring environmental sustainability. While the West wrestles with regulations and anxieties, India stands poised to champion e/acc and become a global leader in this technological awakening.

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Modi 3.0 must seize this moment with bold strokes:

  • Fueling the Innovation Engine: Doubling down on the commitment to fund innovation by taking big, bold bets is crucial. Per-project funding needs to be significantly amplified to reflect an 'in-it-to-win-it' attitude, complemented by streamlined regulations. Imagine a tenfold increase in resources fueling AI breakthroughs, revolutionizing healthcare through personalized telemedicine, or transforming education with adaptive learning systems in every language. This is the transformative power of e/acc-driven investment.
  • AI for All, Not the Elite Few: Access to AI should not be a privilege; it must be a democratized force for good. Modi 3.0 must actively work towards integrating AI solutions across various government services and ensure that national computation resources are accessible to everyone who needs them. Envision a future where the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission provide AI-powered accessible healthcare to every citizen or a scenario where any individual aspiring to develop an AI service can do so without the barrier of computational resources. This is the true democratization of e/acc
  • Embracing Openness and Collaboration: The heart of innovation lies in the free exchange of ideas and knowledge. Modi 3.0 should be a strong advocate for open-source tools, committing to never obstruct the development and use of such resources. Additionally, easing restrictions on copyrighted materials for AI development is crucial. Reevaluating patent laws can unlock collaborative possibilities, bringing researchers and entrepreneurs together to build the future. Open innovation fuels e/acc.
  • Navigating the Evolving Job Landscape: Automation is inevitable, but its impact need not be devastating. Modi 3.0 must proactively prepare for the future of work. Scaling up UBI programs and massively increasing investment in sectors like advanced manufacturing and deep-tech to create new opportunities that can absorb displaced workers. This is the responsible approach to smoothly transition into the e/acc-driven workforce transformation.
  • Steering with an Ethical Compass: e/acc's immense potential comes with challenges like deepfakes and misinformation. But instead of slamming the brakes, we must navigate these issues by developing ethical frameworks for responsible AI development. This is the ethical compass that guides e/acc responsibly.

The possibilities of e/acc for india is breathtaking. Imagine "smart farms" optimizing yields with AI-powered sensors, autonomous AI doctors to enable basic healthcare for all, or personalized AI teachers to educate every child. These are not futuristic fantasies; they are the tangible outcomes by embracing e/acc with both ambition and wisdom.

Modi 3.0 has the unique opportunity to lead not just India, but the world into a new technological revolution. By channeling the spirit of e/acc with purpose, India can leapfrog into a future, leaving the shadow of our colonial past. This is India's moment to claim its rightful place as a global leader in innovation, powered by the e/acc revolution.

This article is authored by Ashwin Gopinath, MIT professor, ex-Googler and deeptech entrepreneur, specialising in AI and synthetic biology, Palo Alto.

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