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Updated on Sep 08, 2020 06:51 PM IST

Students share their views about the pros and cons of online education and exams that follow.

As the exam pattern changed, Vedika Sohal changed her way of studying.(HT)
As the exam pattern changed, Vedika Sohal changed her way of studying.(HT)
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Switching from books to computers, pencils to keyboard keys, white board to PowerPoint presentations, question papers to online exams is a huge change.

In the current global situation exams might not seem a priority, but they definitely help us assess our knowledge.

When I first heard that exams are going to be held online, I was anxious. But, after I attended my first online exam I breathed a sigh of relief.

Online exams are very beneficial as they are completely based on conceptual understanding. And for this reason, I have been more attentive during my lectures and I also go through the lessons from my textbooks thoroughly. And the PowerPoint presentations made by our teachers give me in-depth understanding of the topic.

Under this new circumstance, I feel less stressed about examination hall, lengthy question papers, long-answer questions, students sitting alongside etc. I have never been so stress free during an exam before.

The strangest but best part of online learning is that I can sit on my chair in my comfort zone to take my exams.

(The contributor Heer R Khatri is a student of Class 5E, BK Birla Public School, Kalyan.Views expressed here are personal.)

‘There are challenges and possibilities’

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the closure of schools and colleges across the world. Education has changed drastically over the past four months with a rise in e-learning with teachers and students entering a new world of virtual lectures, tutorials, and assessments. E-learning poses a challenge to both students and teachers in terms of technology and access.

With online teaching, students have more free time to pursue other interests alongside studies as they save time otherwise spent in commuting to and from school.

There is also an increase in students’ self-discipline as they need to submit their assignments on time or lose out on marks. Online classes also help students concentrate better as there is no distraction.

With online teaching, parents have also become more involved in the teaching process. Online platforms also give students access to various online study materials and courses to understand their subjects better.

However, it has some disadvantages too. In school, students are used to constant interaction with their friends but on an online platform, students tend to feel lonely and isolated. This social isolation for students can also cause a lack of communicational skill in them.

On the other hand, during assessments on online platforms, the prevention of cheating isn’t easy as there is no physical invigilator.

Personal interaction with teachers which play a major role in the growth of a child is also absent, making it difficult for students with learning disabilities and those who need personal attention.

Since online classes rely heavily on devices like laptops and smartphones as well as strong internet connection, students who do not have access to these facilities lose out on online teaching.

There are also various health-related problems caused by the immense strain on students’ eyes and lack of physical exercise.

Thus, we can conclude that online classes though beneficial also have their detriments. For some a boon, for some a bane — it is up to the student to make the best of the situation.

(The contributor Joshua Albuquerque is a Class 10 student of St Mary’s High School (ICSE). Views expressed here are personal.)

‘E-exams require clarity of concepts’

Exams are an essential part of our studies. In view of the coronavirus pandemic, studies have shifted to the online mode and so did exams. Online exams are a new and exciting experience for me. There are no lengthy answers to write, but only multiple-choice questions.

As the exam pattern has changed, my method of studying has also changed. Now I have to understand concepts more clearly and deeply because just memorising blindly doesn’t work.

Online exam is a new and unique experience which is an effective way of testing ourselves.

(The contributor Vedika Sohal is a student of Class 5D, BK Birla Public School, Kalyan.Views expressed here are personal.)

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