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Pizza palooza: Explore the diverse world of pizzas that exist around the world

ByAbigail banerji
Apr 18, 2024 03:57 PM IST

Since actor Varun Dhawan took his Instagram to profess his love for pizza, here are some of the different kinds of pizzas that exist.

You can’t go wrong with pizza for dinner, lunch or even breakfast. Yes, breakfast pizzas exist and are the perfect hangover meal. Not to digress! Rcently, actor Varun Dhawan took to Instagram to share his love for the Italian classic and posted an Insta Reel, with the caption: “Pizzas khaane ke baad mujhe guilt aur khushi donno hoti hain”.

Pizzas are the perfect indulgent meal (Unsplash)
Pizzas are the perfect indulgent meal (Unsplash)

With so many kinds of pizzas existing, you can try a new variation of it in any place you travel to. From the classic Neapolitan pizza from Italy to the street-style pizza in India and the $1 pizza slice in New York, the options are endless.

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So, we created a ready reckoner for people who are looking to add to their pizza repertoire:

Chicago’s deep-dish pizza

Chicago's deep dish pizza(Instagram)
Chicago's deep dish pizza(Instagram)

The deep dish base from Chicago is characterised by its thick and buttery crust. The dough is pressed into a deep pan. It allows it to rise during baking and then filled with layers of cheese, sauce and toppings, explains Amit Ajwani, Founder and CEO, Nomad Pizza.

Neopolitan-style pizza

Neopolitan pizza(Unsplash)
Neopolitan pizza(Unsplash)

The most authentic pizza style to ever exist, says Rushad Wadia, Founder, Greedyman Pizzeria, adding, “This style is light and features a crisp crust and a thin base.” traditionally, San Marzano tomatoes are used to make the sauce as they grow in the volcanic soil which provides a sweet and sour flavour profile. Fresh mozzarella makes the pizza appear like it has cheese blotches and it is finished with olive oil and fresh basil.

Indian pizza

Sold at street corners all over the country, the Indian pizza is an Indianised version of the classic italian food. Tomato ketchup with a bunch of veggies, usually capsicums, onions and boiled corn are topped on a wheat base. Dried oregano and chillie flakes are sprinkled over it, as mayonnaise is squirted on it. Instead of being baked, the pizza is toasted on an open tawa and then steamed to let the processed cheese melt.

Detroit’s pan pizza

Detroit pan pizza(Instagram)
Detroit pan pizza(Instagram)

The pizza from Detroit, Michigan, is recognisable by its square shape, which gives it crunchy, cheesy corner slices. It is Influenced by square Sicilian-style pizza and has a higher hydration level giving it a more airy and light texture.

New York-style pizza

New York's $1 pizza(Instagram)
New York's $1 pizza(Instagram)

This style is unique and does not have the characteristics of a Neapolitan. Rushad Wadia, Founder, Greedyman Pizzeria, says, “The pizzas are traditionally heavier in terms of the base. They are thin yet stiffer and have a crisp crust.” New York-style pizzas are stretched to bigger sizes compared to Neapolitans. It's famous for the grab-and-go concept and its sold by the slice allowing for people to keep up with the bustling life in New York City, USA. For the longest time, each pizza slice was sold for $1.

Sicilian pizza

During the Sicilian pizza travels from Palermo, Sicily, to New York City, USA, it underwent several changes. Originally, this square pizza was not served with any cheese, but with a topping of breadcrumbs. Opitonally, hard cheese is grated on it. The base is a fluffy, spongy bread base and the red sauce used in Sicilian pizzas is made with tomatoes, onions, herbs, and anchovies.


So, now that you know some of the different kinds of pizzas that exist, how many have you eaten?

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