Karnataka floor test highlights| Greed won today, people of Karnataka lost, says Rahul Gandhi

Updated on Jul 24, 2019 12:07 AM IST

The 14-month old Congress-JD(S) government in Karnataka fell on Tuesday evening after the trust motion moved by chief minister HD Kumaraswamy was defeated in the Assembly. The coalition managed to get only 99 votes while the BJP got 105 votes.Karnataka BJP chief BS Yeddyurappa was all smiles after the trust vote and flashed the victory sign. “It’s a victory of democracy. People were fed up with HD Kumaraswamy government. We assure people of Karnataka that a new era of development is starting,” he said. Speaking just ahead of the trust vote, Kumaraswamy said that he was hurt by reports against him and was ready to relinquish power. He reiterated that he wasn’t worried about a trust vote and had no intention to cling on to the CM’s chair “I’m a very sensitive and emotional person. When I saw the reports I wondered if I continue to be CM. I’m hurt, and with great happiness I am giving up this post,” he said.Highlights

A general view of Karnataka legislative assembly during the Trust Motion debate in Bengaluru on Tuesday.(Photo: ANI)
A general view of Karnataka legislative assembly during the Trust Motion debate in Bengaluru on Tuesday.(Photo: ANI)
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11:39 PM IST

Rahul Gandhi: Greed won today, people of Karnataka lost

From its first day, the Cong-JDS alliance in Karnataka was a target for vested interests, both within & outside, who saw the alliance as a threat & an obstacle in their path to power. Their greed won today. Democracy, honesty & the people of Karnataka lost.


09:57 PM IST

HD Kumaraswamy & G Parameshwara met Karnataka Speaker, KR Ramesh Kumar

HD Kumaraswamy & G Parameshwara met Karnataka Speaker, KR Ramesh Kumar after the trust vote in Assembly, today.


09:45 PM IST

HD Kumaraswamy thanks people of the state, cabinet colleagues, all legislators

HD Kumaraswamy: Met Hon’ble Governor Vajubhai Vala and tendered my resignation. I profusely thank the people of the state, cabinet colleagues, all legislators and officers for the cooperation and support extended during my 14 month stint as Chief Minister.

09:40 PM IST

We are going to have a legislature party meet now: BS Yeddyurappa

BJP Karnataka President, BS Yeddyurappa: I will discuss with Prime Minister & our President Amit Shah ji, afterwards I will go & meet Governor. We are going to have a legislature party meet now.


09:10 PM IST

Shahsi Tharoor: Party that banned cattle auctions has conducted one in Karnataka

Shahsi Tharoor: So the party that banned cattle auctions has successfully conducted one in Karnataka!

My admiration for the courage & principle shown by D.K.Shivakumar & those Congress MLAs who were neither cajoled nor cudgelled into changing their allegiance. We shall overcome one day, says Tharoor on Twitter.

08:57 PM IST

Karnataka Governor accepts HD Kumaraswamy’s resignation

Karnataka Governor, Vajubhai Vala accepts HD Kumaraswamy’s resignation.


08:51 PM IST

HD Kumaraswamy submits his resignation

HD Kumaraswamy submits his resignation to Karnataka Governor, Vajubhai Vala.


08:49 PM IST

Omar Abdullah: It’s hardly the death of democracy

Omar Abdullah: It’s hardly the death of democracy. As with all post poll coalitions this one was also an opportunistic alliance born out of a fractured mandate. It will give birth to another opportunistic government born out of resort/hotel stays & private jet flights.


08:47 PM IST

Mehbooba Mufti: It’s a black day for democracy

Mehbooba Mufti: After all the paid for lavish trips to influence Karnataka lawmakers in Mumbai, what can one make of the HD Kumaraswamy led Cong-JD(S) govt collapse? It’s a black day for democracy when a country that prides in being the worlds largest democracy watches an elected govt crumble.


08:44 PM IST

15-16 of our MLAs violated the whip: Siddaramaiah

Siddaramaiah, Congress: 15-16 of our MLAs violated the whip by abstaining from the House during trust vote, thereby, it is a clear violation of Schedule 10 (of the Constitution) and attracts disqualification.


08:41 PM IST

BSP MLA absent in Karnataka Assembly suspended

BSP MLA, N Mahesh, didn’t attend the trust vote & violated directions, which is an act of indiscipline. Party has taken this seriously & suspended him with immediate effect.


08:38 PM IST

Siddaramaiah: Those fallen for Operation Kamala will never be inducted back to our party

I would like to reaffirm that those who have fallen for Operation Kamala will never be inducted back to our party.

Even if the sky is falling down!!


08:36 PM IST

HD Kumaraswamy arrives at Raj Bhavan in Bengaluru

HD Kumaraswamy arrives at Raj Bhavan in Bengaluru. Kumaraswamy led Congress-JD(S) government lost trust vote in the assembly, today.


08:27 PM IST

HD Kumaraswamy walks out of the Karnataka Assembly

HD Kumaraswamy walks out of the Karnataka Assembly, Congress-JD(S) government lost trust vote in the assembly, today.


08:14 PM IST

Congress leader HK Patil: This defeat is because of betrayal of our party legislatures

Congress leader HK Patil: Congress-JD(S) failed trust vote. This defeat is because of betrayal of our party legislatures, we have come under the influence of various things. People of Karnataka will not tolerate this type of betrayal to the Party.


08:12 PM IST

Jagadish Shettar, BJP: Resignations have not yet been accepted by Speaker

Jagadish Shettar, BJP: Their (rebel MLAs) resignations have not yet been accepted by Speaker. After acceptance of resignations they have to decide whether to join BJP or not. In present scenario we have 105 MLAs, it is a majority for BJP, we will form a stable government.


08:11 PM IST

BJP supporters celebrate at party’s state office in Bengaluru

BJP supporters celebrate at party’s state office in Bengaluru after HD Kumaraswamy led Congress-JD(S) coalition government lost trust vote in the assembly.


08:02 PM IST

BS Yeddyurappa: People were fed up with Kumaraswamy govt

BS Yeddyurappa: It’s a victory of democracy. People were fed up with HD Kumaraswamy government. We assure people of Karnataka that a new era of development is starting. We will address the needs of farmers suffering from drought. Will take appropriate decision at the earliest.

07:54 PM IST

We promise a stable & able governance: BJP Karnataka

It’s the victory of people of Karnataka. It’s the end of an era of corrupt & unholy alliance. We promise a stable & able governance to the people of Karnataka. Together we will make Karnataka prosperous again.


07:58 PM IST

BJP Karnataka: Game of karma

Soon after Kumaraswamy lost trust vote, BJP Karnataka tweets “Game of karma”


07:46 PM IST

This is all a part of politics: HD Kumaraswamy

Chief minister HD Kumaraswamy outside the house: This is all a part of politics. Enjoyed a total of 425 days in power.

07:41 PM IST

Kumaraswamy has lost the trust motion

Speaker KR Ramesh: Kumaraswamy ended the discussion today and asked for the house to express confidence. Those in favour were 99, against 105.

HD Kumaraswamy’s government falls, loses trust vote in Karnataka Assembly.

07:35 PM IST

BSP MLA didn’t come despite Mayawati’s direction

BSP MLA didn’t come despite Mayawati’s direction. Independents also did not attend.

07:30 PM IST

Counting of opposition benches underway

Opposition benches are being counted now.

07:29 PM IST

Ramalinga Reddy votes in favour of government

Ramalinga Reddy, who withdrew his resignation last week, votes in favour of government.

07:25 PM IST

Speaker KR Ramesh: Sit in your designated seats for vote counting

Speaker KR Ramesh: You must sit in your designated seats for vote counting (because there is no electronic vote in Karnataka assembly).

Door have now been closed.

07:22 PM IST

Voting on trust motion begins in Karnataka Assembly

Voting on HD Kumaraswamy’s trust motion begins in Karnataka Assembly

07:20 PM IST

Speaker KR Ramesh: Now I move the motion

Speaker KR Ramesh: There’s a finance bill pending and I request them to approve it and then go for Trust vote because of the drought in the state.

Now I move the motion

07:18 PM IST

2 hrs on, Kumaraswamy continues speech on trust vote, misses 6 pm deadline

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, who is responding to the debate on the trust vote, has been speaking for 2 hours in the state assembly and is long past the 6 pm deadline that Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar had set for the confidence vote. The chief minister had started his speech at around 5.20 pm. The opposition hasn’t complained much about the speech since it figures that the Congress-JDS coalition will not try to wriggle out of voting today.

07:08 PM IST

Speaker KR Ramesh elaborates on funds allocation

Speaker KR Ramesh: When I released funds for Mandya, they speculated that it was because I wanted my son to contest from there. He lost and I accept that. But the funds were not given because he would contest.

07:01 PM IST

Speaker KR Ramesh in Karnataka Assembly: Why did these rebels leave?

Narayana Gowda said I didn’t release money for borewell. I opposed ticket to him in 2013. But I fought with my family in 2018.

Why did these rebels leave? I don’t know what they’ve gone to achieve. Under CM relief fund 100 crore has been given to people in the past year. I ensured that the children of this state in government schools should learn English. Now there’s a demand for these schools.

06:47 PM IST

This seat is not permanent for anybody, says Kumaraswamy

Chief minister HD Kumaraswamy said, “I had a lot of respect for AH Vishwanath but recent developments have proved otherwise. But his words about you were wrong.

This seat is not permanent for anybody. There have been 23 chief ministers in this state. With reference to the IMA case, CT Ravi said that chief minister had biryani. Who was to take an IMA accused MLA (Roshan Baig) by special flight? When we stopped him fleeing, they said we misused authority.

When the SIT formed by this government was successful in bringing IMA founder back, the ED carted him off from the airport. Why was that? Who were you trying to fix?

06:39 PM IST

Speaker KR Ramesh stresses on sense of gratitude

Speaker KR Ramesh: When Siddaramaiah was CM, he called me when I was in my village and told me that I’d become the minister. There should be a sense of gratitude.

06:37 PM IST

I am ready to resign, says Speaker KR Ramesh

Speaker KR Ramesh said, “I have already kept a letter ready with me and I’m ready to resign.”

06:35 PM IST

Speaker KR Ramesh: MLAs went to Supreme Court and then came to me again

After CM Kumaraswamy’s speech, Speaker KR Ramesh said, “These rebel MLAs came to chamber and didn’t even seek permission. They went to Supreme Court and then came to me again.”

06:24 PM IST

I retained it because I thought it was lucky: CM Kumaraswamy

Accepting that he was at Taj West End, Kumaraswamy explains, “Yes it’s true that I have retained a room in Taj West End. I don’t do any business there. When last year’s election results came out and the Congress asked me to become chief minister, I was in that room. I retained it because I thought it was lucky.

06:10 PM IST

CM Kumaraswamy draws attention on the loan waiver

CM Kumaraswamy drew attention on the loan waiver and said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during the Lok Sabha elections that the loan waiver was a failure. The money we’ve given for this scheme in two budgets is 25,000 crore. I’ve not reduced outlay for any of the schemes announced by Congress leader Siddaramaiah in the 2018 February budget.

06:06 PM IST

I have run a govt that lived under speculation of falling: CM Kumaraswamy

For 14 months, I have run a government that lived under constant speculation of falling. I want to thank the authorities for working with the deadlines that the BJP gave us. They worked day and night and, if I’ve done anything over these past months, it’s because of them.

06:02 PM IST

Kumaraswamy on trust vote: After seeing reports, I wonder if I should be the CM

I am a very sensitive and emotional person. When I saw the reports against me, I wondered if I should be the chief minister. I’m hurt, and with great happiness, I’m giving up this post.

05:28 PM IST

HD Kumaraswamy: I am trying hard to save this government

Karnataka cheif minister HD Kumaraswamy on trust vote debate: In 2004, like today, nobody got a majority. I want opposition leader to convey this to his workers, who post things on social media. This social media have been brought in to destroy our society.

On social media people say that I’m staying in Taj West End and I am involved in looting the people. What will I loot there? I was trying hard to save this government because many newcomers in this house pleaded to save this government.

05:53 PM IST

Trust vote nears, police ban protests

As the trust vote neared, the Bengaluru police banned protests in city. Police commissioner announced imposition of Section 144 for the next 48 hours in Bengaluru. All wine shops will be shut in the city for the next 48 hours. “Any unauthorised assembly of 5 or more people will be acted upon,” said Benglauru city police commissioner Alok Kumar

05:50 PM IST

Trust debate extended on hope that people can change: Kumaraswamy

Speaking on the prolonged trust vote debate in the Karnataka, Kumaraswamy said, “It might have taken time on this discussion. It might have been greed. But it was also hope that people can change themselves.”

05:49 PM IST

Kumaraswamy says he wanted to stay away from politics

Karnataka cheif minister HD Kumaraswamy on trust vote debate:In the assembly elections last year, nobody got a majority. I wish to highlight this again because the opposition leader has said repeatedly that this is an unholy alliance. I wanted to stay away from politics even though I come from a political family. When I married my wife, she put a condition that she won’t marry a politician, but now she’s also in this House.

05:46 PM IST

I apologise on behalf of the MLAs: Kumaraswamy

Karnataka cheif minister HD Kumaraswamy: You (speaker) have said you were hurt by the developments. I apologise to you and the people on behalf of the MLAs. Many people have spoken on this.

I’m not worried. I’ve done many wrongs and good things and I’ve tried rectify the wrongs.

05:40 PM IST

HD Kumaraswamy speaks in assembly

Karnataka cheif minister HD Kumaraswamy on the fourth day of trust debate: Confidence motion I moved has been discussed for 4 days. This is a first in Karnataka’s history, because no opposition leader participated in these discussions.

05:25 PM IST

Take action against rebel MLAs: HD Revanna

HD Revanna insisted on taking actions against the MLAs. He siad, “Please take action against the rebel MLAs before taking the vote. The Supreme Court has said that they will not fetter.”

05:23 PM IST

Congress workers creates ruckus outside independents’ home

Congress workers try to storm Nitesh Wimbledon Park- a residential apartment complex where the independents are said to be. The apartment complex is located in Race Course Road close to Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru.

Ivan D Souza, another Congress leader, says that they want to meet their party men who he claims are being held against their will in that apartment complex.

04:50 PM IST

H D Revanna: Because of Kumaraswamy’s one fault, the BJP came to power

Public works minister H D Revanna said that, “Only because of Kumaraswamy’s one fault, the BJP could come to power. Else, they wouldn’t have been able to grow here.

04:47 PM IST

Former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

Our voters didn’t support our party even though we fulfilled all our manifesto promises. The BJP lacks mandate, yet you want to enter through the back door. Will the people forgive you?

People have spoken about the money offered to them. Even the Speaker’s name was brought into this. This will not bode well for you. Those who fell prey to operation lotus in 2008, didn’t win in 2013. The same fate awaits these rebels, hence they resigned.

04:40 PM IST

Siddaramaiah: There is no space for principled politics

There is no space here for principled politics. The roots of democracy are shaking. What will happen if those who don’t know the Constitution come to the power. If only money and power become prominent, where will we stand? What will happen to the Constitution?

Krishna Byregowda has explained how Yeddyurappa and others were involved. Why can’t you admit it publicly? Tell me who doesn’t know? 99% people of the state know that BJP is indulging in horse trading. An audio clip of Yeddyurappa was seen. I appreciate him because he, at least, admitted that the voice was his but the content was doctored. When he has admitted it’s his voice, what more is required. Poor thing, he admitted it was his voice.

If we look at all the circumstantial evidence, any layman could conclude that it is the BJP behind the defection.

04:20 PM IST

This wholesale trade is a problem: Congress leader

This wholesale trade is a problem. The MLAs who have gone have indulged in wholesale trade.

They are at 105, they needed 8 but they decided on 15. I don’t think the people of Karnataka will accept this undemocratic procedure.

04:02 PM IST

Congress leader Siddaramaiah: You should’ve been a strong opposition with 104 MLAs

Karnataka Congress leader Siddaramaiah said, “You should’ve been a strong opposition with 104 MLAs. You could’ve held the government accountable. But you insisted on such dubious measures.

This resignation drama got changed with the 35th constitutional amendment. After this the Speaker got discretion as many were coerced, lured into resigning.

03:58 PM IST

Yeddyurappa shouldn’t even have tried to form the government: Congress leader Siddaramaiah

Former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah listed the years when Karnataka had witnessed the coalition government and said, “There have been 4 coalitions in the state. First in 1983, then 2004, 2006 and now this year. In fact, in 2008, when Yeddyurappa took over as chief minister, they didn’t have majority. They won only 110 seats and formed government with the support of 6 independents.

Last year only one independent won. Yeddyurappa shouldn’t even have tried to form the government. Without JD(S) or Congress MLAs defecting, how could you form government. It clearly indicates that you made up your mind to engineer defections last year.

3:44 PM IST

‘Yeddyurappa had the opportunity but he didn’t succeed’: Karnataka Congress leader Siddaramaiah

Former Karnataka CM reflected on the elections held last year and said, ‘Yeddyurappa was given an opportunity but he couldn’t succeed. You couldn’t prove majority. It was only after that that Kumaraswamy was called to form the government. He became chief minister based on constitution and laws. This is not the first coalition in the country, there have been coalitions at the Centre, other states and even here.’

3:38 PM IST

‘Tired of hearing Yeddyurappa say we lost majority’: Former Karnataka CM attacks BJP

Former CM Siddaramaiah said that despite getting a fortnight to prove his majority he failed to do so.

Siddaramaiah also attacked BS Yeddyurappa saying. ‘Even though he was given 15 days to prove majority. This is generally not done in a hung house. This is why SC reduced the time given to 24 hours. He couldn’t prove majority, he had to step down. Now Yeddyurappa says that we have lost majority. I’m tired of hearing this. Horse trading began as soon as the BJP was given 15 days to prove majority last year.’

3:33 PM IST

‘We had largest vote share... It wasn’t necessary to call Yeddyurappa’: Former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

Karnataka Congress Chief reminds the Assembly of the Karnataka election results where he says Congress had the largest vote share and despite that BJP state president Yeddyurappa had gone to stake claim. He said that the Governor need not have called Yeddyurappa.

he said, ‘People gave Congress 80 seats, BJP 104, JD(S) and BSP 38, KPJP 1 and one independent. No party reached the 113 threshold for majority. In terms of vote share we got 38.14%, BJP 36.34% and JD(S) 18%. I’m talking about this because no party had a majority. Our high command decided after the results to join hands with JD(S), and Kumaraswamy became the chief minister. Our combined vote shares were 56.44%. This is the people’s mandate.

Attacking BJP he said, ‘When this was the case, the Governor called Yeddyurappa to stake a claim as the single largest party even though we had claimed to form government as a coalition. We should’ve been called, it wasn’t necessary to call Yeddyurappa.’

3:29 PM IST

‘Respect the verdict of the people. No single party had majority’: Karnataka Congress leader Siddaramaiah

The former Karnataka Chief Minister while addressing the Assembly, said, ‘The coalition government has been in existence for 14 months. The people didn’t give majority to any single party in the assembly elections last year, it was a fractured verdict. In democracy the verdict of the people must be respected by all parties.’

3:24 PM IST

‘Please allow some leeway if we exceed 4 pm deadline’: Former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

Karnataka Congress Legislative Party leader Siddaramaiah said that if the deadline exceeds he would expect Speaker KR Ramesh to allow him some leeway.

3:20 PM IST

Karnataka Congress leader Siddaramaiah rises up to speak

Former Karnataka CM rises up to speak.

2:52 PM IST

BJP’s Madhuswamy, Karnataka opposition leaders says whip will not apply

Coalition lawmakers in the Karnataka Assembly question how can the apex court be coopted in this manner.

2:46 PM IST

‘Adagooru H Vishwanath said he does not want to be minister’: Karnataka JD(S) MLA

AH Vishwanath, who was Karnataka JD(S) state president, is one of the rebel MLAs. SR Mahesh, the lawmaker from Mysuru says that the rebels have not resigned from their respective parties. He recalls his days in the BJP and says lot has changed from then.

SR Mahesh, MLA from Krishnarajanagara, said, ‘They wouldn’t stay in hotels, they used to stay in workers’ homes. There are many friends in the BJP, many good people.’

Attacking former Speaker Jagdish Shettar, he says, ‘I appeal to you (speaker), under whose symbol did these rebels contest and win. Jagadish Shettar says we are minority but the MLAs have said that they’ve not resigned from our parties.’

Speaking of demonetisation he said, ‘We’ve known for a while what the reality of this government is. AH Vishwanath said not long ago that prime minister Modi had done demonetization to bring black money into their coffers. He said he doesn’t want to become a minister.’

2:37 PM IST

‘Obligated to SM Krishna, Bangarappa and the Gandhi family’: Karnataka Congress Leader

Karnataka minister says that he is hurt that they have been back-stabbed. He reiterates that no one in this Assembly is his enemy. Attacking BJP over the resignations, he said, ‘You are giving this state a very bad precedent and this is not good.’

2:30 PM IST

‘Have fought a CM and an ex-PM. I live for my self-respect’: Karnataka minister

DK Shivakumar defends his visit to the rebel MLAs. He says, ‘I live for my self respect. I have fought with a chief minister (Kumaraswamy) and a prime minister (Deve Gowda). But I will not stand such statements against me. My friends asked why I should go to Mumbai? But it’s my duty!’

2:26 PM IST

‘The respect of the middle class is upgraded’: Karnataka Speaker

Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh laughed when he responded to DK Shivakumar’s statement where the Congress lawmaker called himself a member of a simple middle class family.

He was talking about Basanagouda Yatnal’s allegations where the BJP lawmaker had said that Shivakumar supporting the BJP in order to settle the cases against himself.

2:20 PM IST

‘Will see MTB Nagaraj in political battlefield’: Karnataka Congress leader

DK Shivakumar says he has landed in problem because he was helpful towards his friends. he challenges BJP that he will draw them out into the political battlefield. This is what he said, ‘I told MTB Nagaraj I’ll see him in the battlefield politically.I’m facing so many cases for helping my friends and I’m ready to go to jail. I know what I’m going through. I have all the records of my friends (BJP). That will also be brought out in the battlefield.’

2:18 PM IST

‘Mandate was for Narendra Modi, not BS Yeddyurappa’: DK Shivakumar attacks Karnataka BJP chief

Karnataka minister Shivakumar said that even Raj Thackeray would visit the MLAs. He added, ‘I was stopped from entering the Mumbai hotel, they took me away because they said Raj Thackeray will come and then they dumped me in the airport saying I’m being deported out of the city. Where’s my protection?I told MTB Nagaraj I’ll see him in the battlefield politically.I’m facing so many cases for helping my friends and I’m ready to go to jail. I know what I’m going through.’

2:13 PM IST

‘Why wasn’t I allowed? Am I a dacoit?’: Karnataka Minister DK Shivakumar

Congress MLA DK Shivakumar said on being stopped from entering the Sofitel hotel where MLAs have holed up.

2:08 PM IST

‘Bring rebel MLAs here, let them vote against the Government’: DK Shivakumar tells the Deputy Speaker

Karnataka minister DK Shivakumar asks the Opposition if they think if he is dacoit. The lawmaker from Kanakpura said he could have locked the MLAs when he tore their resignations but he chose not to do so because he trusted them.

2:00 PM IST

‘They’ll stab you in back, too’: Karnataka minister DK Shivakumar

Karnataka MLA from Kanakapura constituency said, ‘We are angry because of the back stabbing by the rebels. It will happen to you as well. I’m talking to the happy people in Mumbai. They have buried them.’

1:52 PM IST

DK Shivakumar questions BJP why whip was assigned by KG Bopaiah in 2011 during the BJP rule

DK Shivakumar, Karnataka Minister said, ‘Let’s see what KG Boppaiah as Speaker decided. Why has the BJP given a whip?’

Siddaramaiah also maintained that he has the right to issue a whip. He said he was doing nothing unconstitutional and said, ‘Anti defection law came in 1985. It says that even through their conduct can be disqualified if they indulge in anti party activities. It says if they vote against the party they can be disqualified. The SC hasn’t told me to not issue the whip. I have every right under 10th Schedule and that’s why my point of order was upheld.’

1:48 PM IST

‘Siddaramaiah knows the law well, the rebels have resubmitted their resignations’: BJP Karnataka chief Yeddyurappa

BS Yeddyurappa who has repeatedly demanded the trust vote should take place quickly, says the government counsel has assured the Supreme Court that trust vote will be conducted. Responding to Siddaramaiah,he said, ‘Siddaramaiah is very knowledgeable about law but when the SC says the MLAs can’t be compelled you cannot go against it. Besides, the rebels have resubmitted their resignations.’

1:42 PM IST

‘It is painful but rebel MLAs are eligible for disqualification’: Karnataka minister Krishna Byre Gowda

Karnataka minister of Rural Development, Law and Parliamentary Affairs Krishna Byre Gowda says that BJP is making rebel MLAs run around courts in its lust for power.

Krishna Byre Gowda then said, ‘Shivakumar also said one more thing, we still don’t believe that they are not in our family. We are pained that in your lust for power you will make them run around courts. They’re already eligible for disqualification. That’s our pain.’

1:38 PM IST

Karnataka Congress CLP leader Siddaramaiah starts his address

Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah says that he has the right to issue a whip under Schedule X and it is the BJP that is misleading the House and the people. He opposes Jagdish Shettar’s statement where the latter said that DK Shivakumar was threatening the rebels. Siddaramaiah said, ‘Shettar says Shivakumar is misleading the house. But the resignations haven’t been accepted. The SC has said they won’t fetter the Speaker. It’s not Shivakumar but the BJP that has misled. He is only pleading with them to rectify their mistake, don’t unnecessarily fall into the trap they’ve laid. This is not violation of anything.’

On Schedule X he said, ‘The SC order on compulsion is there but X Schedule is in existence, it hasn’t been amended. This is why the Speaker clarified that I have right to issue whip and I’ve already done it. Nobody is above the Constitution, everything has to function in accordance with it. It is the basis. So the question of violation doesn’t arise at all and nobody can kill and even the SC cannot overrule it. We gave the rebels ticket and Shivakumar is expressing pain that they are being misled.’

1:26 PM IST

‘Rebel MLAs said they’ll be back as ministers under BJP government’: DK Shivakumar on Karnataka rebel MLAs.

Congress MLA and Karnataka minister DK Shivakumar says that the MLAs are not disgruntled. He said that they are happy as Mumbai is very hospitable.

1:22 PM IST

‘Admire Yeddyurappa’s perseverance, he has failed 6 times’: Karnataka Minister DK Shivakumar

DK Shivakumar said he admires Yeddyurappa but he added, ‘I appreciate Yeddyurappa’s perseverance. He failed six times and now he looks close to succeed. But I don’t know how those rebels will become ministers.’

1:20 PM IST

‘I won’t deny that I tore the resignations’: Karnataka minister DK Shivakumar

Congress MLA reminds the opposition that leader BS Yeddyurappa once said, ‘Those who are responsible for by elections should be barred from contesting for 10 years. He argued that there should be a law to this effect.’ he says that the rebel MLAs are looking for greener pastures.

1:06 PM IST

Karnataka Congress MLA DK Shivakumar starts his address

He is the first senior coalition MLA other than UT Khader to speak in the Assembly. He starts talking about his ascent into politics and his early days in student politics.

12:46 PM IST

Major coalition leaders yet to speak in the Karnataka Assembly

Speaker KR Ramesh is in a meeting with the lawyers of the rebel MLAs. UT Khader and TD Raje Gowda of the Congress and KS Lingesh of the JD(S) have spoken. Opposition BJP waits for CM HD Kumaraswamy to arrive and speak. Deputy Speaker taken over the proceedings.

12:31 PM IST

‘CM will continue to loot Karnataka’s taxpayer money’: BJP

Karnataka BJP tweets its displeasure over the absence of CM HD Kumaraswamy from the assembly.

12:23 PM IST

Karnataka Assembly awaits arrival of CM HD Kumaraswamy

CM HD Kumaraswamy was waiting for the verdict in the petition filed by MLAs H Nagesh and R Shankar, the hearing of which has been adjourned by the Supreme Court.

12:10 PM IST

“You will lose credibility, leave alone strength,”: Speaker to Karnataka minister

Speaker KR Ramesh asked minister Priyank Kharge, if empty treasury benches are reserved in the fate of the Speaker or the Assembly, according to PTI. MLAs H Nagesh and R Shankar had filed a petition alleginf that by delaying the floor test, the Kumarswamy government was violating the basic structure of the constitution and urged the SC to invoke its special powers under Article 32 to remedy the political situation in the state.

12:06 PM IST

SC adjourns hearing in Karnataka rebel MLAs’ plea seeking trust vote

CJI Ranjan Gogoi said since the trust vote can happen today then the matter can be taken up tomorrow.

11:54 AM IST

“Yedyurappa will be the CM and he should be.”: Union Minister Sadananda Gowda

In an interview Hindustan Times, the Union Minister said that though there is a rule regarding ministerial roles for those above 75, in case of former CM Yeddyurappa there are exceptions. Read here.

11:20 AM IST

‘You’re misusing the Governor’s office’ : Karnataka minister attacks Yeddyurappa

UT Khader, Congress MLA says that BJP is misleading the people. He adds, ‘We know politics is a game of numbers and not morals. Let them accept this. Not only are you misleading us, the Speaker, the people but you’re also misusing the Governor’s office. The reason why SC order is being discussed is because it affects the coalition. This will affect every state. Then there were orders from the Governor.’

11:18 AM IST

UT Khader challenges BS Yeddyurappa and BJP lawmakers

The Karnataka minister challenges BJP lawmakers to accept that the MLA resignations were orchestrated by them. He says if the BJP accepts it, a trust vote can be held immediately.

11:14 AM IST

‘Will hold trust vote if BJP promises that rebel MLA won’t get ministerial berth’: JD(S) MLA Gowda

Karnataka lawmaker Shivalinger Gowda says that every child in the state knows that it is a conspiracy hatched by the BJP. He said, ‘We’re stretching this because of the dubious manner in which our MLAs have been carted away. Everybody in the state knows that this conspiracy was hatched by the BJP, every child knows. Let them admit on the floor of the house. Why hide this? Let them say it openly.’

11:08 AM IST

“They’re repeatedly questioning the Supreme Court order.”: Karnataka BJP MLA

JD(S) MLA Shivalinge Gowda says, ‘The question is about the anti defection law. It affects this House.’ BJP MLA Madhusamy retorts by asking his counterpart to file an appeal against the order if he wants to.

11:03 AM IST

‘‘Why aren’t the rebel MLAs in their constituencies?’’: Karnataka minister UT Khader

UT Khader, Mangalore lawmaker says that it rebel MLAs have resigned and taken a special flight because of the BJP. He says that MLAs should be in their constituencies.

10:57 AM IST

“Didn’t anticipate that there would session today”: Speaker KR Ramesh

Speaker KR Ramesh speaks on Karnataka’s rebel MLAs. He says, ‘I’d given time to the rebels for their disqualification petition. I have to meet them.’ Speaker hands over charge to AT Ramaswamy, lawmaker from Arakalgud, Hassan.

10:54 AM IST

Karnataka lawmakers argue over effectiveness of demonetisation

Congress Karnataka MLA from Bhalki Eshwara Khandre say, ‘The economy collapsed and many lost jobs. Even the BJP believes it was a scam. Only the poor and farmers suffered.’

10:47 AM IST

UT Khader, Karnataka minister raises the demonetisation issue

UT Khader says that Karnataka’s Dakshin Kannada region has several developmental projects lined up but a 1000-crore rupee scam has halted those programmes. He said, it was a complete failure and led to over 100 deaths, as people stood in queues outside the ATMs.

10:36 AM IST

Karnataka Congress MLA UT Khader assures deadline will be met

Karnataka Minister for Urban Development apologises for the delay.

BJP lawmaker KS Eshwarappa said, ‘Even when the Speaker is sitting here and 105 MLAs are sitting here, the treasury benches are empty. This has never happened.’

10:32 AM IST

BJP lawmaker attacks CM Kumaraswamy coalition over delay

KS Eshwarappa attacks CM HD Kumaraswamy, he says, “If the chief minister cannot come then what can we expect from others. They don’t come on time but at 4 pm they’ll start demanding to be given time.”

10:24 AM IST

Shivalinge Gowda, JD(S) asks Speaker to adjourn assembly for 30 minutes

Shivalinge Gowda, MLA from Santhanur, Karnataka, says lawmakers were confused regarding the time of the session.

Karnataka BJP MLA from Shivamogga, K. S. Eshwarappa interjects, ‘Should the MLAs come when the session is called or should the session be held according to the whims of the MLAs?’

10:21 AM IST

Jagdish Shettar of the BJP accuses coalition for taking trust vote lightly

He said, ‘Look at how lightly the coalition is taking this. They assured us that it will be done today but they haven’t even come. Chief minister HD Kumaraswamy sits in his chamber and clears files instead of sitting for discussions. They don’t have the mindset to prove their majority, they want to drag this. The people are disgusted with this. We cannot wait for people who are holed up in Mumbai.’

10:17 AM IST

Assembly session begins in Karnataka

Coalition MLAs are yet to make their way to the Assembly.

10:07 AM IST

BS Yeddyurappa arrives at Karnataka Assembly

BJP state president Yeddyurappa arrives at the Vidhana Soudha


9:47 AM IST

Speaker KR Ramesh arrives at Vidhana Soudha

Speaker KR Ramesh has arrived at the Karnataka Assembly where the floor test is scheduled to happen today.

8:57 AM IST

Rebel MLAs write to Speaker KR Ramesh, seek four weeks time

According to ANI, 13 of the rebel MLAs have written a letter to Speaker KR Ramesh asking for four weeks time to appear before the Vidhana Soudha.

8:53 AM IST

Karnataka Assembly session to start at 10 am

Speaker KR ramesh has set the deadline for the coalition partners to prove their majority in the Karnataka state assembly.

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