A name gives you fame, shame & acclaim!
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A name gives you fame, shame & acclaim!

THIS NAMEOLOGIST claims everything?s in a name! When Mumbai was Bombay, Bal Thackeray was a Raja. But, as soon as Bombay became Mumbai, everything changed for Raja and the Sena.

india Updated: Jun 17, 2006 00:14 IST

THIS NAMEOLOGIST claims everything’s in a name! When Mumbai was Bombay, Bal Thackeray was a Raja. But, as soon as Bombay became Mumbai, everything changed for Raja and the Sena.

His nephew floated a separate party. Many senior leaders quit the Sena. But, this was not just a coincidence. Whoever gets close to Aish gets into a trouble—be it Vivek, Salman or Big B’s son. But, none to blame. It’s all in a name.

“It’s not to defame somebody, but to tell you that the name can change your future,” says nameologist Saiyed Ammaraziz. The man who can tell your future by your name. So, be cautious when you tell him your name. Bombay is equivalent to nine and Bal Thackarey’s name is also equal to nine. Nine denotes Mars (mangal) and the combination of Bombay and Bal Thackarey together jelled well and he remained the undisputed master of the state.

But when the city was renamed as Mumbai (equal to 8), Saturn (Shani) became dominant and hence this downfall, says Aziz.

He claims namelogy is scientifically proven. Ammaraziz who is currently in the state capital, said that names not only have some numerological significance but also much more to it.

Names produce sound energy that gives rise to positive or negative effect every time the name is pronounced. So, before naming any newly born, the parent must consult numerologists who may search for a suitable name that will bring prosperity, happiness and contentment in one’s life. Before getting married, he argues, if the would-be couple seek help of numerology and look for a suitable life partner whose name matches. This will drastically reduce the increasing number of divorces that have become so very common these days. In a bid to take numerology to common man, Aziz is penning a book which he intends to title as ‘How to change destiny.’ This book that would come up in two years from now will have 10,000 matching names for Hindus and Muslims.

He says if the Indian cricket fans want opener Virendra Sehwag to dispatch the ball all around the stadium, it is imperative that he be called with his first name Virendra. Every time the fans lay emphasis on his surname (Sehwag) the positive effect of his first name gets diluted. The numerologist also declared that former Indian skipper Sourav Ganguly is bound to make a comeback in the Indian cricket team, sooner or later.

Aziz reckons that if there is happiness and prosperity in the family, it would have its reflection in the locality, region, state and then in the country. Aziz signs off by pointing one interesting case study. For instance, those who come close to Aishwariya Rai face some problem or another. Be it Salman Khan, Vivek Oberoi or the junior Bachchan family. Has it got something to do with numerology too? Aziz leaves the hall guessing.

First Published: Jun 17, 2006 00:14 IST