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A perfect Feng Shui Experience

Feng Shui has become an answer to all prayers, working for almost everyone changing lives and life styles, writes Mohan Deep.

india Updated: Dec 15, 2005 15:53 IST
Mohan Deep
Mohan Deep

Often, one doesn't know what to seek from Feng Shui. It is a situation one encounters in folk tales when you are suddenly confronted with a genie who asks you for three wishes! What I have noticed over the year is a study in human behaviour. Mothers concerned about children's education (Talisman for Educational Success is for you, dear!), wives seeking growth about their husbands' / children's career (The painting or print of the Peak is for you, my dear!), ambitious people want to reach the top of their career (Hey, the Greedy Dragon of Ambition painting is for you!), daughters-in-law wanting to be one up on their mothers-in-law which is no different from Raj Thackeray wanting one up on Udhav Thackeray or Uma Bharati's ambitions in BJP (Again, the Dragon can be of use!), enterprising people wanting an upward growth in their business (I paint aqua bamboo panting for them!) and of course in the matter of heart - love, marriage, infidelity, affairs. Feng Shui can be employed to boost any aspect of life.

The whole concept is such that Feng Shui has become an answer to all prayers, working for almost everyone changing lives and life styles. The cases are so numerous that I find it difficult to choose which to write about and which to ignore or underplay. After all the columns has to be readable, and by the way, I am planning to come out with another book on Feng Shui. I have tentatively decided to call it Feng Shui 4 the Soul but let's not get into it now. It may take months before the books is ready what with Feng Shui consultation that is taking me all over and the long hours that go into painting. One case that interests me the most today as I write this column is the Feng Shui consultation of a family of four.

Mr Malhotra was the manufacturer of corrugated boxes and packaging material and had a good thing going as he got himself a unit in Navi Mumbai. His only concern was that the first two months, after he moved in the new premises, were very slack. He had become a little apprehensive. Earlier, Malhotra was so confident of his business prospectus that he had asked his wife to dump her job. Promi too was considering it as she didn't have much hope of promotion and office politics had tired her. She was a marketing person waiting for a promotion that would have placed her in a position no woman had occupied in her establishment, in telecom business. She had declined this post twice in the past.

The son, Aashish was studying and wanted to get into IIT. The daughter Pinky was glamour struck and either wanted to be a model - something her dad was against - or into fashion designing. "Even if I become an anchor in a TV channel I will be satisfied." She said when I visited their house. Her brother commented wryly, "And you will ask someone on a stretcher, ab kaisa feel ho raha hai?"

Malhotra was worried about the new unit in Navi Mumbai and suspected that this was not going to be lucky for him. He turned out to be right. A look at the premises revealed several Feng Shui flaws that could be detrimental in the long run. The first Feng Shui defect was the public toilet exactly opposite the main door of this unit. Malhotra said, "I am worried about the public toilet that is bang opposite my door. I didn't see it when I got this premises as there was no signboard outside. It seemed like another gala. When I look outside from the window, there is a hospital. Is it bad?"

Yes, the hospital (or even police lock ups) would emit negative energies. "Are their Feng Shui solutions to these defects?" Even before I answer him, I noticed some more flaws. There was too much metal in the premises that would clash with the element that rules this business - wood. His staff was located in the Power center and a little conversation brought out the fact that one of his employees had proposed a union, for the first time in his business, and this person was seated in the Power center. Malhotra himself was sitting in Children's corner! The workers were sitting in the elder's corner! Everything needed to be changed. The placement of everyone…

Once those changes were incorporated the difference became apparent. Public toilet, cemetery…nothing mattered. Even the most difficult thing of persuading this man to drop the idea of a trade union could be handled after he was shifted from power position to Helpful Friends & Patronage corner. This was done very tactfully, suggested during the specific timings I had given them.

We also did the Feng Shui of the house and during this visit I advised his wife not to quit her job. Promotion she would get, certainly. Once the Career and Opportunities corner was enhanced Promi didn't have to look back. The promotion fell in her lap without any effort on her part as the person occupying that position resigned after getting a better offer in the same industry. A beaming Promi informed me about the good news.

Malhotra's business too started doing much better than it was in the older premises. Months later, Malhotra gave the good news that his son got admission in IIT, Powai. However, even this is not a perfect case. I am still waiting for some good news about Pinky. I can only call it an almost perfect Feng Shui Experience.

(FengShui Master Mohan Deep, one of the top Feng Shui consultants in the world, is based in Mumbai, India. For more information you may visithttp://www.fengshuimiracle.comor write to him Office: 91-22-56997992. Fax: 91-22-26350503 Cell: 9820199378.Address: 222 Shantivan, New Link Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400053.)

First Published: Dec 15, 2005 15:53 IST