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A room with many views

Hotels may be cheap in Las Vegas. But Mumbai offers unique experiences which are memorable.

india Updated: Apr 30, 2012 22:01 IST

The next time you want a flutter at the tables in Las Vegas, be assured that while luck may not favour you in blackjack or roulette, at least you will not have to shell out too much for a room. But, if you were inclined to take in the sights of Mumbai, you would really have stretch your resources to do so if you were to opt for a nice hotel room.

Now I hear a gasp from many of you. Las Vegas cannot be cheaper than amchi Mumbai, you will say. Is the writer of this edit on some form of substance? No, not at all, these are authentic findings from a survey spread over 19,800 global locations.

But, if you stand back and take a dispassionate look, perhaps this discrepancy between Las Vegas and Mumbai makes sense. Yes, in Las Vegas one can hit the casinos and take in the bright city lights and other related attractions. But Mumbai offers unique experiences which are memorable.

For example, you can inhale the vapours of the polluted Mahim Creek, an olfactory sensation second to none. You could take in the stench of the docks and other human excretions, a unique blend found in very few other places on earth. You could get closer to your fellow beings by just joining the crowds at the local train station where if you are lucky, you could come away with some souvenirs in the form of bruises and cuts from being jostled about.

And, while Las Vegas, may have its share of entertainers, they seem positively anaemic compared to say our dear Raj Thackeray of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena or even his illustrious uncle Bal Thackeray. A touch of the Sena hospitality may leave you in hospital, but this is personalised service, courtesy Mumbai.

So our advice to readers is not to get swayed by all this voodoo economics about cheaper hotel rooms abroad. The pennies you save won’t be worth a dime compared to the room with many views that you can get right here at home.