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Abhishek is arrogant: Lucknow poet

Lucknow's renowned poet says Amitabh Bachchan's bacha is an angry man! 'I feel sexy about Abhishek' | Why did Soha slap Abhishek?
None | By Alka Rastogi |, Lucknow
UPDATED ON OCT 27, 2006 07:05 PM IST

Lucknow's renowned poet Anwar Nadeem, who plays the role of Mirza Hadi Ruswa in JP Dutta's Umrao Jaan, says Amitabh Bachchan's bacha Abhishek is an angry, arrogant man who needs to learn basic mannersims!

The noted poet, author and screenplay writer in a tête-à-tête with HTTabloid  reveals his brush with Bollywood stars Abhishek and Aishwarya.
Why did JP Dutta choose you for the role of Mirza Hadi Ruswa?
Because he was impressed by my impeccable Lucknavi Lehza. It caught his instant attention, as he was on the look out for someone who had refined and chaste Urdu.
Tell us about your role.
I not only play the role of the author who originally penned the classic tale of the famous courtesan from Lucknow Umrao Jaan Ada but I also did the narration for the celluloid version of the famous book. I also play the role of the great Mirza.
What is your opinion of Abhishek Bachchan?
Despite his portrayal of a well-behaved, soft-spoken Bollywood star by the media, he is very arrogant and sometimes you can find him in a towering rage. Even actresses fear him when he is angry.
When did you first meet Abhishek?
I met him during Umrao's Jaan's dubbing. When I first shook hands with him, he appeared to be an arrogant man who simple extended his four fingers in contempt. I thought that his arrogance overshadows his class.

"Abhishek should learn to be polite."

But actresses like him.

Women obviously find him too sexy but only those who can tolerate his arrogance and anger. In fact, girls like men to dominate them. Actresses like Abhishek's well-sculptured physique. Very often, used to angrily push his young female fans when they mobbed him or teased him that John Abraham looks better than him.

But Abhishek should learn to be polite and well mannered while meeting men who are much older to him.


And what's your opinion about Aishwarya Rai?

Oh! She is a very polished and gentle lady. I am so impressed with her that now I am thinking of writing a reportage on my brush with Bollywood stars. Aishwaryaji Bahut Tehzeeb Yafta Hain (Ash is well-mannered). Unme Nafasat hai (She is urbane). Whenever she would meet me on the sets, she would do "Adaab" in Lucknawi


. Her manners left me tongue-tied because in tinsel town, many stars are arrogant.


How has your experience been with Amitabh Bachchan?

I will be only able to form an opinion about Mr Bachchan after I meet him several times for a considerable spell of time.

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