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Ajay is born to direct: Kajol

Ajay Devgan and wife Kajol hope to win the audiences heart with U, Me Aur Hum.Diganta Guha and Ritujaay Ghosh speak to the actors about the film.
Hindustan Times | By Diganta Guha & Ritujaay Ghosh, Kolkata
UPDATED ON MAR 13, 2008 06:58 PM IST

Talk about dream pairings, and it doesn't get much better than this, because no matter how many husband-wife teams have appeared on the big screen, the unprecedented levels of interest in U, Me Aur Hum indicate just how eagerly filmgoers are waiting to see Ajay Devgan and Kajol back together.

The last film they did – RajuChacha – was also a Devgan home production, though the mian-biwi jodi must be hoping for better box office returns for their latest offering.

The big difference this time, of course, is that Devgan has turned director. And his concept note for the film almost reads like a mission statement.

"A lot of people question the institution of marriage, or blame it when problems arise. I feel that in a marriage, or any relationship for that matter, problems are inevitable, and 'giving up' should be one's last option…Relationships, especially marriages, deserve better."

In conversation with HT City, Devgan adds that he "wanted to make something from the heart." The theme closest to his heart appears to be what we call a 'mature love story'. Devgan calls it a "great concept" and Kajol wholeheartedly endorses her husband's ability to wield the microphone.

"He is born to direct," she says firmly. "The way he has gone about directing and acting is amazing."

Devgan modestly attributes that to his team of actors and technicians, and is decidedly ambiguous about whether the Ajay-Kajol jodi will work this time around.

"I think the actors work only if the film works," he says. Since that is up to the audience to decide, as both mian and biwi take pains to point out, Devgan is determinedly philosophical.

"Shooting U, Me Aur Hum was great as I did exactly what I wanted, and feel I have come close to what I wanted to achieve. I don't think anybody can get 100 per cent but coming close is important."

It is left to Kajol to shed light on the man behind the mask. "We discuss changes sometimes, specially now that we are in the post-production phase. Ajay speaks about nothing but the film."

Once again true to character, Kajol is far more forthcoming about Devgan the director.

"He is very open to suggestions, be it from me or any other crew member. It was a privilege as an actor to work with a director of his calibre. I didn't need to interfere in anything, because Ajay is such a perfectionist, " she says.

"Just watch the film and you'll know." In other words, no weight was thrown around, home production notwithstanding. And Kajol drives the point home.

"I am a professional regardless of whether it is my home production or anybody else's. You can actually lay bets on my professionalism."

So that seems that, then. One final question remains: do we get to see more of this jodi on screen? Ajay is unwilling to be drawn in ("U Me Aur Hum is my dream and I'm living it"), and Kajol does not "plan anything more than six months in advance". We may, of course, see her in Karan Johar's My Name Is Khan opposite "good friend" Shah Rukh, but that's a maybe. For now, it's all about Ajay, Kajol, and them.

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