?All along we suspected the hand of Satish?

It was after eight years of prayers that Harsh was born at Ram Kishan?s house in Noida?s Sector 31, reports Vibha Sharma.

india Updated: Dec 30, 2006 01:19 IST

It was after eight years of prayers that Harsh was born at Ram Kishan’s house in Noida’s Sector 31.

Harsh was kidnapped on February 23 this year when he stepped out of the house with mother Poonam to watch a wedding procession passing by. “Since he was the first child in the house, he was thoroughly pampered and everyone was fond of him. But after he was kidnapped, we removed all his photos and belongings from the house,” said Harsh’s uncle Ram Saran.

Ram Kishan, a driver in the Noida Authority, said when he approached the police, they showed little interest. “They just took an application from us and gave us a stamped copy. It was only later when we went as a big group and created a scene that they registered a case,” said Kishan.

Kishan’s relatives claim they all along suspected the hand of Satish, arrested for killing several children, in Harsh’s disappearance and had even goaded the police to question him. “Our pleas were not heeded because we are not rich,” said Saran.

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First Published: Dec 30, 2006 01:19 IST