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Annual tarot forecast for Cancer

Ma Prem Usha shuffles her deck of Tarot cards for 2004 to predict what lies ahead for those born under the sign Cancer.

india Updated: Jan 03, 2004 16:54 IST
Ma Prem Usha
Ma Prem Usha

‘The Chariot’ symbolises the Cancer sun sign in the Tarot pack and expresses the attributes of victory, hope, triumph, obedience, faithfulness, health, emotion, success, authority, creativity and tradition. The Cancerian is loving, caring and family oriented by nature.

Physically Stressful
You are in touch with dynamic and assertive energy to make new beginnings and gain control of personal and professional situations in 2004! Energy and health improve as you renew fitness routines and diet programmes. However, avoid over indulging while celebrating, entertaining and shopping. Multifarious activity may lead to stress and tension, be aware. The travel bug bites you this year. A business trip in March-April and a vacation in October-November are likely! You maintain financial security as business and professional situations stabilise.

Property matters are settled and a residential move or renovation of home and office is on the cards! Practical matters can be resolved this year. You are socially busy and much in demand! You entertain and share hospitality with family and friends. Aesthetic pursuits, sporty activity and creative pastimes are rejuvenating. You get in touch with family and friends whom you have been ignoring for some time.

Mentally Dynamic
The powerful energy of ‘The Emperor’ takes you towards professional victory, material stability and ambitious projects. You manifest leadership qualities and express your intrinsic power to rule with compassion and justice. You organise professional matters and manage people but need to confront your own ego and impatience. You express dynamic views and ideas in a position of authority and connect with people in high places, government or politics.

You face situations and people squarely, resolve conflicts and express views openly. You negotiate business deals and come to terms with conflicting ideas and interests. You list priorities and make balanced decisions. You delegate responsibility rather than handling everything yourself.

You are individualistic, creative and brilliant while achieving professional goals and targets. Professional opportunities and important people start gravitating towards you. You taste success and fame but need to continue your creative endeavours to sustain your position. You learn to enjoy work rather than make it a heavy-duty exercise. Artistic and creative interests are lucrative and satisfying.

You are subtle and clever when resolving sensitive issues. Legal matters are resolved in your favour, however, it is best to settle conflicts outside court. You balance finances, time and energy to achieve the optimum at work this year.

Emotionally Time To Move On
A quality truce leads to new beginnings in personal relationships this year. You express your feelings fervently and can expect reciprocation from your partner or loved one. Loving relationships flower into commitments!

You take control of family situations and relationships that were going out of hand and don’t allow others to interfere therein. You are sensitive to atmosphere and intuitive about people. You realise the futility of seriousness; adopt a light and playful attitude.

It’s important to be free and unburdened to move ahead positively in creative, professional and personal aspects. Four golden cups full of light and lotus blossoms greet you with emotional fulfillment and material luxury. Keep an eye on inner and outer balance! You clear misunderstandings with your gift of communication.

Spiritually Elevating
Inner and outer changes are on the cards as you meditate on truths and priorities! You are ‘The Rebel’ who becomes the master of his own destiny! You take responsibility for who you are and live your truth. You break through chains of repressive conditioning, limitations and other’s opinions. You witness changes taking place inside and outside without getting caught up with them. Meditation and spiritual pursuit are elevating and transforming!

You have courage to handle sudden changes or unexpected happenings and your wisdom is tested in all kinds of situations. A fresh, positive and creative approach brings success, freedom, fulfillment and joy. Major changes outside are synchronised with inner changes of attitudes, priorities and values. Endings and new beginnings are on the cards this year!

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First Published: Jan 03, 2004 16:54 IST