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Another murder covered up in Goa?

Alarming similarities can be seen between Scarlett’s case and that of a Russian who died on a Goa beach 2 yrs ago, reports BHenderson.
Hindustan Times | By Barney Henderson, Mumbai
UPDATED ON APR 05, 2008 03:04 AM IST

In a chilling parallel to the murder of British teen Scarlett Keeling, a Russian who died on a Goa beach over two years ago had a stab wound to his stomach, yet police maintain he drowned and have withheld the viscera results.

The autopsy report for Alexander Burdov — a copy of which is with the Hindustan Times — reveals a stab wound in the stomach. There are six other abrasions on the body. Burdov, on holiday with his girlfriend, was found dying on Varca beach, south Goa, on November 22, 2005. The similarities to the Keeling case are startling.

Despite this evidence, police declared that the 25-year-old from Moscow died of drowning — exactly the same diagnosis given for Keeling.

The investigating officer in the case was Nelson Albuquerque, brother of Nerlon who led the Keeling investigation and has since been suspended for botching it up.

“The autopsy shows a stab wound, probably caused by a metal rod, in Burdov’s stomach,” said Vikram Varma, lawyer for the Russian Consulate General in Mumbai and also the Keeling family. “The Goa police have withheld the viscera and final cause of death for over two years. It has to be strongly suspected that this is another cover-up. There are alarming similarities to Scarlett’s case.”

The Russian Consulate General suspects foul play and has made repeated requests for the viscera to be released, to no avail. In a letter to Rina Torcado, then superintendent of police, Alexander Fedorov, Russian Consulate General Secretary, said Burdov was alive for 40 minutes after he was found on the beach.

“The witnesses, two of whom were doctors, asserted that death ensued from a wound in the abdominal area and was unlikely to have been caused by drowning,” the letter of December 16, 2005, states.

Kishan Kumar, Goa’s inspector general of police, said he was gathering information on the Burdov case. On Wednesday, Kumar called in the Central Bureau of Investigation to take over the Keeling case.

“I am aware of the situation with the Russian; we are seeking details,” Kumar said.

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