Are the militants getting desperate?

Young jehadis - who is training them?: - I am sure Pak will continue to aid militancy in Kashmir. It is utterly ridiculous that Pak won't believe that what is not theirs would never be!, says Neelam, Mankato, USA. This is just like Kargil where Pak regulars started an attack and refused to acknowledge they were their men, says IJ, USA. How there can be free and fair election under intimidation and fear of gun?, says Farooq, Qatar.

india Updated: Sep 23, 2002 11:15 IST

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 India:  The fourth attack within ten days on J&K Tourism Minister Sakina Itoo is a clear indication that the separatist forces are getting desperate with the success of polls in the State. They want to derail the electoral process.  Pakistan:   The election process in J&K is a great farce where majority are not participating and are being forced to cast their votes on gunpoint. The militants are taking recourse to guns because they want freedom from India.  

First Published: Sep 21, 2002 19:44 IST