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Arjun targets RSS-affiliated insitutes

Arjun Singh has hinted at action against the Saraswati Shishu Mandir, report Chetan Chauhan and Shekhar Iyer.
None | By Chetan Chauhan and Shekhar Iyer, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON OCT 30, 2006 07:20 PM IST

In yet another brush with RSS, HRD minister Arjun Singh has hinted at action against the Saraswati Shishu Mandir run by RSS affiliated organisations.

In 2005, Singh had accused RSS for assassination of Mahatama Gandhi. “Since the tragic and fateful evening when the shots fired by Godse killed (Gandhi) at a prayer meeting, I am convinced that the philosophy of hate and violence by which RSS swears killed Gandhi,” Singh said in a statement then.

His accusation had evoked a strong reaction from both RSS and BJP with Delhi unit of RSS threatening to move court against Singh. He even went to extent of suggesting to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to cleanse the administration of people owning allegiance to RSS.

On Monday, at a function organised by Congress’s student wing NSUI, Singh hinted at action against RSS affiliated schools on basis of the report of the Central Advisory Council Board for Education (CABE). “There is a report by CABE committee on such institutions and we are looking into what can be done,” he said.

The Board had suggested that books taught in schools run by religious outfits like RSS should be monitored by a regulatory body. Working on the recommendations, the HRD ministry has drafted a proposal for National Book Monitoring Body for the textbooks available in schools not run by the government. “The proposal is in its final stages,” an official commented.

The HRD minister cautioned people about the ‘venom’ injected into the society by educational institutions run by the saffron brigade. When asked about a possible ban on educational institutions run by the saffron camp, Singh replied, “the nation should understand the damage done by these institutions”.

He also favoured homogeneity in the education system across the country stating that the country cannot afford different kind of education for different religions and regions. Calling the situation a challenge to NSUI, Singh said that during the recent past the RSS institutions have dented the education system a lot.

In a strong reaction, Arun Jaitley, general secretary of BJP, said that Arjun Singh should focus on modernisation of madrasas, rather than focussing on Shishu Mandirs. "Everytime he (Singh) opens his mouth he spreads communal tension and he should rather concentrate more on improving quality of education in the country," Jaitley said.

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