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Ask the Expert: In love with teacher

I am in love with my teacher. Due to this I can't concentrate on studies. Please help. Submit your query

india Updated: Aug 22, 2006 16:07 IST

Our expert, clinical psychologist Seema Sharma, answers your queries - from relationship problems to pressures in school and colleges, complexes that you might develop or battling peer pressure and the intense competition - reach out to our expert.

I am 17 yrs old studying in a school where I have accidentally fallen in love with my chemistry teacher. I am her favourite student since I get full marks every time in chemistry.

Whenever I try to concentrate on studies during Chemistry period I fell off to sleep dreaming about her. Her fashionable clothes with her bare back and perfume she sprays herself drifts me to sleep. Even she understands a bit of my feelings.

She even kissed me during my report day in class 11th. I feel that I am lovesick. I always spend my free time thinking about her. I can't avoid it even if I wish to. I tried to express my entire feelings about her but I feel afraid. Please tell me what should I do? I am in a complete dilemma.

Sex: Male

At your age, it is something very normal and natural. It shows that you are growing and along side your emotional aspect is also growing. This is a very delicate phase of your life. It decides finally as to what we would be like after few years from now.

Will we be the person unable to handle the pressure of emotions? Will we be the people confused and derailed from our targets of success? Will we be the people, incapacitated by small little distractions within our area of work? If your answer is yes to all above then do not read further.

You are standing at the threshold of adulthood. Many new emotions will add to your emotional repertoire now. Get ready for them. Allow them to pass you but do not permit them to overwhelm you at any cost. Infatuations are interesting aspect one's growing up. Understand them as that.

I have gradually found decline in my confidence. Earlier I had no problem in participating in debates or discussions. But due to some personal problems I spend a lot of time at home. Due to this now, I am not able to talk properly. I have started having hesitation in saying my feelings. Kindly help me.


Expression is a skill. You have acquired it well. Due to some reasons if one is not able to use it for some time, it never means that one has lost it or has become less efficient in its use. Practice will solve the matter for you.

Start again. Make sure that you begin. You may even find yourself surprised at the speed at which you will reach to the previous level of efficiency. It is a mental block which is unwarranted and unwanted, walk away from it.

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First Published: Aug 22, 2006 13:47 IST