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Astro logic: Thaksin ouster 'follows planet Pluto's'

Thaksin, a great believer in astrology, had apparently been expecting some sort of bad news, writes Aditya Sinha.

india Updated: Sep 24, 2006 02:31 IST

Thailand is as bad as India when it comes to astrology. Astrologers here are busy predicting the Kingdom’s political future and offering explanations for the recent military takeover. One astrologer has even blamed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s ouster on Pluto’s recent demotion from being a planet.

Thaksin is reputed to be a great believer in astrology. Over the past few months, he had apparently been expecting some sort of bad news.

In local media reports, the astrologers, like their counterparts in India, were in the “I-told-you-so” mode, and also in the “Things-will-get-better” mode. For the most part, they claimed that Thaksin was going to be abroad for a long time.

Kitti Chaikipinyo of the Astrological Association, told the Bangkok Post that Thailand would enjoy good political and economic development because Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter had moved into fortuitous positions. Kitti, however, did not forsee Thaksin’s return to politics: “His zodiac cannot get along with the country’s star.”

The astrologer who blamed it on Pluto declined to be named, but predicted prosperity and a stable polity.

There are dissenters. Pinyo Pongcharoen, the president of the Astrological Association, said political conflict would drag on till 2010, when a major change would take place.
Kijja Taweekulkij, however, refused, like many others, to make predictions, as it might be regarded as criticism of the military junta.

Thailand and India share many cultural similarities. Many court rituals are brahminical, having come in with the Khmers from Java and Cambodia from the 9th to the 13th Century. Till 1782, the capital of Siam, as Thailand was formerly known, was Ayudhya.

First Published: Sep 24, 2006 02:23 IST