Ayesha Jhulka serves Divya a legal notice

Divya Dutta has been served with a legal notice by Ayesha Jhulka for not giving an up-to-the-mark performance in her play Mujhe Rang De.

india Updated: Apr 01, 2006 20:17 IST

Actress Divya Dutta has been served with a legal notice by Ayesha Jhulka for not giving an up-to-the-mark performance in her play Mujhe Rang De.

Divya made her theatrical debut with Mujhe Rang De staged in December last year. The play, produced by Ayesha and directed by Anant Mahadevan, is now going to be staged in the US.

The Veer-Zaara actress told IANS: "In the notice she says my performance in 'Mujhe Rang De' wasn't up to the mark. In that case why does she want me? She's threatening to take away my property to cover her damages. I have never heard of such a thing."

"Amit-ji (Amitabh Bachchan) fell ill. Did the producers get nasty with him and take him to court? Obviously not! There are certain work ethics. And Ayesha needs to follow them... I'll reply to her legal notice. I have nothing to hide," she added.

Divya hasn't been keeping too well and her colleague and co-star Ayesha isn't making her life easier. "What's her problem in life," Divya wanted to know, sounding terribly distressed.

"The fact is I have been having terrible migraines and blackouts. She can't even imagine what I go through. During shooting and dubbing I get to rest after a while. But how can I go on stage for two uninterrupted hours? My doctor has told me not to use my voice loudly at all."

Divya said Ayesha has been giving contradictory statements.

"Ayesha contradicts herself blissfully. She says I have been missing from the rehearsals. In the same breath she says I have sent her a letter informing her of my absence. How can I be missing if I have sent her a letter?

"She says I ditched her at the eleventh hour. But the play (in the US) is in May! I sent her a three-month notice, which is good enough. How can she tell me I ditched her? And who's she to monitor my health? She thinks I should lie down and look ill? Why should I do that? Am I answerable to her or anyone?"

The buzz is that the two actresses indulged in a catfight when Divya refused to share a makeup room with Ayesha on the sets of JPDutta's film Umrao Jaan in Jaipur.

Divya is miffed about Ayesha's repeated reference to Dutta.

"Why does she keep bringing J.P. saab's unit in our conversations? JP saab won't appreciate it. She should be more respectful of a filmmaker of his stature. 'Umrao Jaan' has a lot more going for itself than a stupid fight between two actresses.

"My decision to not do her play Mujhe Rang De has nothing to do with our fight in Jaipur. I am in fact doing her a good turn by telling her of my bad health. What if I had gone to the US and then fallen ill? Actors being replaced in plays are routine. What is she creating a fuss about?"

First Published: Apr 01, 2006 20:17 IST