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Azmal richest candidate in fray

Badruddin Azmal is the candidate for Jamunamukh constituency of Asom United Democratic Front (AUDF).
None | By United News of India, Guwahati
UPDATED ON MAR 27, 2006 06:58 PM IST

With the Election Commission (EC) making it mandatory for the candidates to declare their financial details, scrutiny of the nominations filed for the first phase of Assam polls has revealed Badruddin Azmal as the richest candidate in the fray so far.

Azmal, who controls the Ajmal group, is the candidate for Jamunamukh constituency of Asom United Democratic Front (AUDF), a party he founded few months back.

In the mandatory declaration of assets along with nomination papers, the total estimate of Azmal's property had been put at around Rs 30 crores. The Ajmal Group runs a monopoly business of herbal scent 'Atar' in the Gulf.

A resident of Tanki village in Hojai sub-division of Nagaon district of the state, 48-year-old Azmal accumulated a major portion of his wealth through his business.

He was known in the state to be among the richest persons. With the formal declaration of his assets before the EC, doubts regarding his financial status have been put to rest.

According to the affidavit submitted by Azmal, the property in his name is worth Rs 15,10,08,350.

Of this, cash in hand accounts for Rs 5,40,000, money in bank for Rs 8,38,712, post office savings and insurance for Rs 5,68,650 and other savings Rs 15,30,200.

The total value of the cars in his name amount to Rs 22,38,560, while the value of the 262 grams of jewellery he possesses is Rs 1,61,916.

Worth of houses in various locations in Azmal's name has been put at Rs 2.5 crore. Of the total land area of 42 bighas and 3 kathas in his name, value of agricultural land is Rs 11,83,825 and that of non-agricultural land is Rs 66,41,725.

His total investment in share market amounts to Rs 8,98,262. The property in the name of Azmal's wife, Rizwana had been estimated at Rs 73,97,190.

The EC directive makes it mandatory to declare the assets of the candidates immediate family members.

Rs 3,64,400 is the amount declared as cash in hand and Rs 2,50,214 as deposited in banks of Rizwana.

The cars in her name account for Rs 26,43,618 and the agricultural land in her name is valued at Rs 7,61,875. Houses in Rizwana's name are worth Rs 7,00,000.

She has Rs 20,33,660 invested in shares while she owns 185 grams of jewelry, worth Rs 1,14,243.

Besides the property in Azmal's and his spouse's names, their elder son Abdur Rahman has declared money, including cash in hand and bank deposits, of Rs 37,188 and younger son Abdur Rahim has Rs 26,088.

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