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Babbar flays Yadav Govt on madrassa rape

Raj Babbar on Tuesday blasted the Mulayam Singh Yadav government for the rape of girls in Madrassa in Allahabad, reports Masoodul Hasan.
None | By Masoodul Hasan, Lucknow
PUBLISHED ON JAN 23, 2007 02:52 PM IST

The Jan Morcha president Raj Babbar on Tuesday blasted the Mulayam Singh Yadav government for the rape of girls in Madrassa in Allahabad. Babbar said the "heinous crime" had badly exposed the Yadav government's failure in controlling the law and order situation.

Talking to Hindustan Times over the phone from Jhansi on Tuesday Babbar said the "morcha would launch jail bharo stir on January 30" in protest against the rape of Muslim girls. He said the "Allahabad police had failed to arrest the real culprit under the pressure of a Samajwadi Party leader". Babbar along with former Prime Minister VP Singh would court arrest on the issue in Ghosi (Azamgarh) on January 30. Babbar said "chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav was in Allahabad but he did not bother to meet the rape victims". He said "rape could not be compensated with financial assistance". He said "it seems the government has fixed Rs two lakh for rape cases". He said the "rape case has exposed the chief minister's pro-minority stance". Asserting that the "minority community is not safe under the present government," Bababr said "through rape there was an attempt for communal clashes at the time of Ardh Kumbh".

He said "the Morcha would launch a state-wide movement against the  government on Kareli Madrassa issue". The chief minister had last week announced Rs two lakh compensation for rape victims but the family demanding justice has rejected the assistance. BSP president Mayawati has provided Rs five lakh to the madrassa to strengthen the security arrangement. 

Babbar, who will be visiting Allahabad on Wednesday, said "from Samajwadi Party's claim about Uttam Pradesh the state has turned into kankal  (skeleton) Pradesh". Babbar said "from Nithari to Kareli (Madrassa) the government's failure on law and order is glaring in the state". He said Nithari had brought shame for the country and the state government "is responsible for it". He said serial killings had wider repercussion and hoped that the CBI would be able to catch the real culprit in the case.

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